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How mum lost 45kg without giving up chocolate

After a friend put a photo up of Sara on Facebook in August 2017, everything changed.

“I saw that I was severely obese and I cried,” she said.

Sara has now lost 45kg using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as her guide and credits her motivation and consistency for her success so far. Plus she’s planning on losing another 53kg!

Sarah Conquest April2018

Sara’s weight loss journey

The mum of 4 has a goal weight of 60kg,  and so far has lost 45kg, going from 158.5kg to 113.5kg!

“I am always motivated and I have stayed consistent throughout my journey. I’ve had a few stalls but it’s just made me appreciate how far I’ve come and to keep on going,” she said.

Buying in bulk buying vegetables from markets allows Sarah to save money when she is cooking up her favourite Healthy Mummy meals like our spiced chickpea nourish bowl.

Sara also allows herself sweet treats, as The Healthy Mummy doesn’t cut any foods completely out to ensure stable eating. She loves to make Weetbix slice which gives Sarah that chocolate hit without it being processed or full of sugar!

Her go-to Healthy Mummy smoothie is Caramel as she says “it’s the best”.

Weetbix Slice

Since overhauling her diet and exercise, Sarah says, “My anxiety and depression has improved and I’m so much more active with my kids and confident with myself!”

The Healthy Mummy keeps active by doing workouts from the app like DanceFit and walking.

“I walk lots, I do yoga with my kids and I surround myself with a beautiful cheer squad,” she said.

Sara says to other mums on a similar journey, “Always be consistent and realise we can achieve great things when we put our minds to it.”

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written by:

Katie Fowler

Katie is a yoga loving writer from Sydney's northern beaches. With a flair for healthy baking you can find her scouring Instagram for the latest take on raw brownies and trolling Pinterest for interior design inspiration!