How Siobhan Has Lost 10.5kg

I didn’t gain a huge amount of weight when I was pregnant (about 12kg) and when my little girl was born I was a breastfeeding machine, I felt the weight coming off – but I did have a tummy that I just couldn’t get rid of and extra weight that I couldn’t lose too.

Siobhan Has Lost 10.5kg


So when my husband went overseas to work for a month, I finally did it and bought some healthy mummy smoothies and went on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan.

As it was just me and my little ones at home I decided that I wanted to do something for me. I just LOVED the healthy mummy smoothies,Β  (and they are just perfect for breastfeeding!), and after being up all night with my baby, they gave me energy I needed and were so quick and easy to make.

I then started walking, every day, rain or shine, 5 – 6kms a day – it was great for both me and bubs. Very quickly the weight started to fall off and the first place I noticed it was my waist.

My tight trousers, felt loose – I was back in jeans, and having to buy smaller sizes. By the time my husband came come I was 5 kilos lighter and by the end of the year was 8 kilos lighter.

I had no idea I could lose the weight and was feeling fantastic. By January I had lost over 10 kilos and was the lightest I had been in years – and I didn’t have to do much to my diet, just get moving and have the healthy mummy smoothies every day.

Thank you so much – it has been 7 months since I started using your products and 3 months that I have been able to maintain my current weight. Everyone has noticed the difference in my appearance, but also in me – especially hubby!!

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