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How this mum taught herself self-acceptance despite not being at her goal weight

A little search in Google and up popped The Healthy Mummy!

Samara, a mum of 4, wasn’t feeling herself after the birth of her 4th baby in 2017. She weighed 108kg and didn’t like the person she saw in the mirror, “My body size has always been an issue, ever since I was 6 years old,” she says.

After joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in August 2017 she says she hasn’t looked back, but it has been a tough journey.

How this mum taught herself self-acceptance despite not being at her goal weight

Samara’s weight loss journey

Motivation to start her healthy lifestyle began when Samara’s kids were riding their scooters with their cousins and as they were walking to the playground Samara said she was already huffing and puffing just walking at a regular pace.

“My sister in law said she would run with the kids and I could catch up. That was my moment. That was when I wanted to be better. That was the moment I wanted to be able to run beside my kids and be playful,” she says.

Not liking the person she was at this point, Samara said this was the biggest she had ever been at 108kg, “I felt, tired, un-motivated, bloated, un-fit, and mentally drained. I knew in that day something needed to change so I could change.” This is where her search began.

A search in Google and up popped The Healthy Mummy, “at 3am while feeding my 5 week old little boy, I did it,” Samara said.

Samara said that press of the ‘sign up’ button was the best thing she’s done.

Overcoming obstacles

Samara used a Flashback Friday post to tell a story of how her mind has transformed and it’s extremely moving.

“I may not have a body picture to share yet, but I have a mindset story to tell.”

She starts by saying, “Look at my two pictures, my eyes tell two different story’s. I am so grateful to have found The Healthy Mummy and all the advice and support available has been amazing.”

Samara Romanis ff

The picture on the left: Samara tired, hormonal, covered in vomit, and not long out of hospital after being re admitted for a week for eclampsia. “This is me at an all time low. Struggling with being a new mum all over again with baby number 4,” she says.

The picture on the right: Samara who has found strength, belief and motivation and inspiration. “My body size has always been an issue, ever since I was 6 years old… I’ve been overweight. So my search for help to take charge started and I found The Healthy Mummy.”

How did she get past this?

“I decided this day, this is not the person who I want to stay in my life. That something needed to change. I knew in order for me to beat post natal depression I had to make a change in my life,” Samara said.

“This is not a race, this is my pace”

Once Samara found The Healthy Mummy and the endless support that comes with it, she has realised setting small goals is the way to go.

“I have lost 10kg so far and my ultimate goal is to get to 70kg. I still have 28kg to lose. I am a work in progress, but I am not in any rush. I have many battles to overcome and when they arise I deal with them in that moment/day or week,” she said.

Samara Romanis board

Samara uses this motivation board to stay on track of her goals, “This is why I love the healthy mummy, it’s not a race, this is my pace and I have all the support I need. Setting small goals along the way on my journey all contribute to me getting closer to my ideal weight.”

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