Husband and wife team lose over 40kg together: “It’s made us happier”

While The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge was designed and created for busy mums to help them lose their baby weight, that doesn’t mean that hubbies and partners can’t join in too!

Check out how this husband and wife team lost over 40kg…together!

Sam and hubby before

Husband and wife team lose over 40kg together: “It’s made us happier”

Sam and Steven Geeves tied the knot in August 2009, and while Sam says they were blissfully happy to begin their lives together as a married couple, they faced a few hurdles in the beginning.

“We were so happy to begin starting our family together and looking forward to our new lives,” she says. “After struggling to get pregnant and then suffering from multiple miscarriages, we both started to turn to food for comfort.”

“While KFC, chocolate and sugar were my weaknesses – pizza, hot chips, beer and biscuits were Steven’s.”

Falling into bad eating patterns

Sam says it soon became a common practice to spend the weekend making unhealthy choices and regretting it afterwards. It was soon a slippery slope of bad eating patterns for the pair.

“We have both yo-yo dieted and struggled with our weight over the last few years,” says Sam.

“We tried so many fad diets and would sometimes have short-term success but the kilos always crept back on.”

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Making a change

Fortunately, the lovely duo was blessed with the little ones they so desperately desired. But it wasn’t until a year after the birth of their third child in January 2017, that they decided to do something about their weight. 

“We were sick of being tired, lethargic and cranky, so we started searching for a way to change,” says Sam.

“After reading so many success stories on The Healthy Mummy website, we finally decided to jump in together and signed up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.”

The couple say they decided to initially commit to the Challenges for six months to see if it would work – and it did!


Reaching goals together

Sam says, “Since joining in March, we have lost a combined weight of 43kgs so far! Steven is almost at his goal, and although I have quite a way to go, I have gained the confidence I need to keep pushing.”

Sam says they both prep meals and snacks from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub together, and they help support each other each day.

“Having a supportive partner on this journey has been so beneficial for both of us,” says Sam.

“Gone are the boring, repetitive meals and unorganised quick fix takeaways for dinner.”


The whole family has benefited!

The pair also follow the Challenge exercises and say being active is rubbing off on their kiddies too!

“As a family, we exercise together on the weekends and make sure our children see us making good choices,” says Sam.

“Our kids are like sponges and model the behaviour they are seeing in us.

“The Healthy Mummy has taught us how EASY it is to cook a huge variety of food that we all love. We encourage, support and cheer each other on. Our energy has increased, we are happier and we are becoming stronger as a couple by doing this.”

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