Identical twins gave birth to sons on the same day at the same hospital

Taking twinning to new levels!

Identical twins Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Leopoldo not only were pregnant at the same time but they also gave birth to sons on the same day at the same hospital!

The sisters, who are from San Francisco, also both had c-sections performed by the same doctor just hours apart.

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I don’t know where to begin…however, I will start with this has been one of the best experiences of my life. My identical twin sister @janelleleopoldo and I got to experience our pregnancies together in the same exact gestational period. We both followed miscarriages, she had an ectopic pregnancy with emergency surgery and we continued to pray. We always dreamt of being pregnant together and it never worked out until this one: my 4th and last child and her second child. We knew God had different plans for us and we are so grateful we stayed patient during the difficult times. From the moment we found out we were pregnant, up until the delivery room felt like a dream that was surreal! Twins just share a special bond that others can’t relate to unless you’re a parent of a set, a sibling of them, or a twin yourself! The #twinbond is an incredible relationship that doesn’t fade. We have been through life together from grade school, to college at @ucla @uclagymnastics to our Masters degree @pepperdine for Elementary teaching. Our husbands Brandon and Jason know and understand our relationship and they are amazing too. They even joke if you marry one, you marry both in the sense that we talk 5 times a day. Thank you @carieharrisphotography for capturing these beautiful “twins with babies born on same day” photos and @lizvalentinephotography for capturing our pregnancy photos!!! These bring tears to our eyes! These miracle boys will be best friends forever born on 6/18/18 together.

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Cousins born on the same day at the same hospital

Jalynne gave birth to baby Bryson, her fourth child following two miscarriages, while baby Jace is Janelle’s second son and he was conceived by IVF.

The girls reveal they found out they were pregnant just four days after each other.

“When we approached the doctor about having the babies on the same day, he said it was fine, they were the same gestational age and due within a week of one another,” Jalynne told Good Morning America.

“Everyone always asks how we decided who got to go first. Since my husband [professional baseball player Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants] only had a few days of paternity leave, Janelle offered me to go first so we would have a few extra hours with him.

“Also, I’m two minutes older and I found out I was pregnant four days earlier, so it made sense.”

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Twins say: ‘Our kids already feel our bond’

The girls say they are “extremely close” and that they want their sons to have the same bond they share. What’s more, like Jalynne and Janelle, their sons will have birthday parties on the same day.

“Our family is extremely close and spend a lot of time together, but there is a difference with Jalynne and me,” Janelle added.

“Our husband’s joke, ‘If you marry one, you marry the other’ in the sense that we love being together so much and talking so much. We feel when we are apart, there is a piece of us missing. Our kids already feel this bond as well.”

The back-to-back deliveries were performed on June 18, and it was an especially happy time for the family following a tough year. Janelle and Jalynne’s older sister Jennifer died of an asthma attack the year before.

“We said Jennifer was in heaven and would pick our two babies for us,” added Jalynne.

What a lovely story, thanks for giving us permission to share it!

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