Why it’s important for dads to show their tears in front of their sons

Traditionally, men never showed their emotions in public or in front of their families.

However, this concept is very dated and it’s actually very IMPORTANT for your partner to be able to show his tears in front of your kids, especially yours sons.

Here’s why…

Why it’s important for dads to show their tears in front of their sons

Men cry and it’s okay: Why dads show show their tears in front of their sons

Many parents don’t want their kids to see them showing any form of emotion, whether it be anger or sadness. It can actually be really unhelpful to suppress how you are really feeling.

It’s a misconception that when parents show their little ones negative emotion it will cause them to suffer.

Why it’s important for dads to show their tears in front of their sons

But it should be noted that crying is a form of human expression and an emotion that all of us experience from time to time. It may be triggered by a bad experience, fear, pain or it may even be tears of joy.

In fact, by acting ‘real’ with your kids you are showing them that it’s okay for them to feel how they feel, and also how to cope with their negative emotions.

“There’s definitely a difference in how we parent boys versus girls,” Dr Sarah Hughes, clinical psychologist and parenting expert based in Sydney, tells The Healthy Mummy.

“While a lot of focus is put on mums and parenting, dads have a huge and really important role to play, especially when it comes to teaching kids about emotional expression.

“Speaking in really general terms – mums are often more emotionally expressive than dads, and more receptive to emotional conversations, which is great, but Dad’s have a really important role, especially when it comes to teaching boys about emotion.  

“Boys will identify more with their dads, so if Mum says it’s okay to express emotion, but Dad never does and runs at the first sign of an emotional conversation, it undercuts the power of that message.

“I want to stress as well though that sometimes it’s dads that are the more emotionally responsive and expensive parent, so this applies for all parents, not just dads.”

What studies have found when it comes to showing emotion around kids

Why it’s important for dads to show their tears in front of their sons

In a previous study, parents kept a diary of the emotional expressions that had shown their children.

Experts found that the kids with parents who expressed more sadness and tension had higher emotional knowledge compared to those kids with parents who bottled everything up.

Thankfully, it seems our generation of dads are a lot more emotive than the previous ones.

A study, commissioned by NBC Universal, looked at 2,000 men and found that middle-aged men cry in front of others, on average, around 14 times in their lifetime. Whereas, their dads only cried 5 times.

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