It’s the Little Victories in Weight Loss

Tina Grey from Tina Gray {dot} me shares with us her weight loss motivation and what keeps her going.

“I like numbers. Especially when they are going down each week on my scales.

Seeing the numbers on the scales go down in the first few weeks being on a weight loss plan can be motivation enough to keep on that wagon.

But when the numbers slow and even plateau, it can become difficult to keep on going.

motivational quote

For me, anyway.

So on the weeks that I don’t see a loss, I mentally start listing the little things that I have accomplished since dropping some kgs.

Like going to Luna Park and finding that I can fit a little more comfortably in some of the rides.

Having one of my children give me a hug and they sound surprised that they can fit their arms right around me.

Or being able to wear my bra on the tighter clips.

Or being able to cross my legs while sitting on the lounge.

It’s these things that I keep in the back of my mind to remind myself how far I have come so far, and to not give up just because I have had one bad week and had no loss to brag about.

Your turn? Tell us one of your little victories.

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