Jess Has Lost 21kg With The Healthy Mummy

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Jess MacCallum has lost an amazing 21kgs with The Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and today she shares how she stays active when life is busy!

Jess Has Lost 21kg


I began using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies on January 31st 2014, when my daughter was 7 weeks old. I weighed 97.4kg. It felt like it was going to be a long road ahead of me, but I was prepared and pumped to achieve my weight loss goals! I was aiming to get to 70kg.

I started drinking one Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day, usually for breakfast. At the start I was worried about whether it was enough calories for breast milk production, and contacted the lovely ladies at The Healthy Mummy to check that it was suitable. They assured me it was, and they were right! I had no decrease in my milk supply, and the smoothies were so yummy! I was feeling positive and excited, and happy to be taking the first step in becoming a much healthier mum.

As the heat of summer began to die down, I was able to go for more regular walks, with my daughter in her pram. Pushing the pram definitely helped burn those calories! Before long, I was walking almost every day, and noticing small differences. It didn’t even feel like I was on a diet, instead, living a healthy lifestyle and benefiting my body and my mind.

Not only have I had the Healthy Mummy Smoothies on my side, but also the team. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, or I was confused as to why the numbers on the scales weren’t changing. They were there for tips, advice and support, and I felt like I wasn’t alone in my journey. I was always inspired by the Motivating Mums, and loved seeing regular posts of other mums who have had similar personal challenges as mine, and had done so well to reach their goals.

Many mothers I don’t know have kept me motivated, and have shown me that I too can reach my goals and be a healthier, happier mum. Today, October 2014, I weigh 76kg and am very close to being 100% happy and healthy. I am aiming to tone and reduce certain areas, whilst continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain my weight loss.

Jess MacCallum

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