Kelly Has Lost 23kg With The Healthy Mummy

Hi Healthy Mummy team – here is my weight loss update after using the Healthy Mummy weight loss plans.

I am not brave enough for public underwear photos yet but here’s my progress photo.

I was at my heaviest for my wedding at 115kg.

In both my pregnancies I lost 4-5kg each time as I found I ate correctly for the baby. My daughter is 2.5yrs old & my son is 3 months old & I am down to 92kg.


Kelly Has Lost 23kg

I’ve been having The Healthy Mummy Smoothies most days for breaky. My eating isn’t perfect yet and we are living with my in laws while we build our new house so I’m finding cooking etc hard but I’m embracing walking & exercise. 

I used the before photo on purpose because it was my hen’s night and I had such a wonderful night and felt awesome and loved by everyone. I was always scared if I lost weight I’d be embarrassed about how I used to look. But I am still the happy and loud person I used to be except I have more energy to play with the kids and am excited for a healthier future with them and my husband.

I can’t wait to keep losing weight and seeing results. My goal is to get into my 80s for my birthday in September and I would love to be 75kgs by Christmas.

I’m loving the  Private Facebook group and the support and encouragement is amazing.

Kelly Hogben”

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