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Kizzia Becomes A Motivating Mum

During April 2012 I found out that I was pregnant at just 18! I was really happy with my weight and was sitting at around 65kg. On the 31st of Jan I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Samson. He was a surprise pregnancy and I wouldn’t change that for anything….. Not even for my figure back!

During my pregnancy I had put on a bit of weight and it was noticeable and I just kept telling myself that I have just had a baby and a bit of extra weight doesn’t matter, but as time went I realised just how much I need to be fit and healthy for my son and any future kids I want to have.

Kizzia Becomes A Motivating Mum


This was when I purchased my healthy mummy smoothie starter pack and was amazed at how yummy they were! I was also breastfeeding so having a smoothie that I could drink and be safe for my baby was an extra bonus.

I would drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast along with my fish oil tablets. I was thinking to myself it is all well and good to be drinking these smoothies but what else was I doing to help my weight? Not much. That was when I started to exercise and eat well to! And wow!! I could notice a change but I also felt more positive!

I was feeling great, and still am with the help of healthy mummy! After using the healthy mummy products along with exercise I lost 10kgs just in time for my wedding

I am currently 80kgs but my goal is to get back to my pre baby weight of 65kg. At this moment in time I feel like I am dragging my son and husband down with my weight and I want this to change.

I know this is possible with the help of all the great healthy mummy products and online members area, which I just discovered and it is now by new best friend!

Over the next month I have the privilege to be a ‘motivating mum’, this is something that I am very excited about and cannot wait to journey through the next month motivating not only myself but all the other mums out there! Let’s lose this baby weight together!

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