How to make your own toilet paper!

Toilet paper running low? Loo roll shortages are being caused by mass hoarding panic right now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

But fear not! If you’re still stuck when it comes to getting toilet paper then there are some ingenious ways around it…

How to make your own toilet paper!

5 ways to make your own toilet paper

1. Use newspaper

How to make your own toilet paper!

Before loo roll was a thing, people used leftover newspapers! Yes, really. But make sure you don’t clog your toilet!

2. Invest in a bidet

How to make your own toilet paper!

You don’t need toilet paper if you can wash yourself in a bidet after you’ve been to the toilet. Some toilets have this option built in already.

3. Reuse cloth wipes

How to make your own toilet paper!

Just like with cloth nappies, you can keep a bucket in the bathroom with water in it to soak cloth wipes after you have used them. After they’ve been soaked you can throw them in the washing machine and use them again.

4. Clean your private parts using water in a jug

How to make your own toilet paper!

If you don’t fancy forking out on a bidet, then you can also wash your privates with a jug of water or have a shower after you’ve been.

5. Collect some leaves

How to make your own toilet paper!

Affectionately known as the ‘bushman’s friend’. Our ancestors used nature when er, nature called! Maybe it’s time to start picking your backyard trees. Just be careful you don’t accidentally pick nettles. Ouch!

If all else fails, check out The Healthy Mummy’s Toilet Paper

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This will enable you to order from us if you are struggling to get in your local stores and I hope this offers some kind of usefulness.

I know this isn’t cheap like the supermarket brands, but please know that we are trying to do all we can to be reactive to your needs at this time and are at the mercy of the suppliers and the rates they are currently charging (also please note this is cheaper than the online toilet rolls who also do 100% recycled).

Reasons to LOVE The Healthy Mummy Toilet Paper

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