Man Eats His Wife’s Cooked Placenta In An English Breakfast Fry Up

As someone who has to keep up to date with news and media, nothing much shocks me anymore. Until I came across the video of a Dad eating his wife’s placenta. Not blended up in a smoothie where you can barely taste it, but IN AN ENGLISH FRY-UP.

Warning: Graphic content

It’s Edible And Nutritious, So why Not?

Well, I could give you a thousand and eighty reasons why not, but I’m not one to judge. This father of two, Ross Watson, knows this is his last chance at being able to taste the delicious treat, so thought it’s now or never. His wife Heather gave birth to their second son, Lachlan a week prior and they knew they weren’t having anymore children. He’s always wanted to try it, so it seemed like the perfect chance.

Seasoning the placenta (both raw and cooked) with salt and pepper; he records himself eating the nutritious deliciousness. Shoveling beans in after every bite, I’m guessing it wasn’t actually that delicious.

Standing around taking photos and videos, his friends watch like this is a normal thing; like Ross is crazy, but they love him anyway. He’s said of his wife’s reaction ‘She was disgusted but not surprised as it’s me.Β I have form for crazy things.

Umbilical Cord Spaghetti

In the video he discusses whether it will taste the same as umbilical cord spaghetti… I’m sorry, what?

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Mate, if you’re bored, get foxtel or something. Maybe try the 28 Day Challenge, I guarantee it tastes much better.


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