This mum got back into her meal prep groove for week 1 of the 28 Day Challenge

Want to get the most out of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge? Maybe it is time to up your meal prep game! Just like Healthy Mummy mum Jessica Magill.

Having been a Challenge member for a couple of years and throughout a couple of pregnancies (currently 32 weeks with baby number four) Jessica knows the value of a little meal prep.

With her baby almost due and her days about to get a whole lot busier, she has stepped up her meal prep game. Preparing delicious and SIMPLE family-friendly snacks and meals from The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge – Recipe Hub. Check out what she made below.

How to meal prep like this 28 Day Challenge pro

With access to the Recipe Hub available to all Healthy Mummy Challenge members, Jessica has learnt how to stay healthy before, during and post pregnancy. And not only keep herself healthy but her kids happy and healthy too.  (see Jessica following her previous pregnancy below).



At 36 weeks pregnant again she knows there is no better way to stay healthy than by doing a little meal prep, selecting from the recipes available on the Challenge Recipe Hub.

With the start of 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge underway Jessica says “Operation back on track!

Hubby is picking up my new cross trainer right now, and I’m prepping for the week ahead!”


What did Jessica make?

Jessica says “I made:

  • Veggie sticks (will make spicy hummus tomorrow for the week so it’s fresher while I’m pregnant)
  • A batch of ‘hulk pasta’ aka Green Mac and Cheese but I used spinach instead of kale and puréed the spinach for the kids (from the Healthy Mummy Challenge Recipe Hub) 
  • 8 x lentil bolognese (from the Healthy Mummy Recipe Hub)
  • 30 x Vegemite scrolls because my kids are obsessed and this won’t even last a fortnight 

I also have a loaf of the choc chip banana bread (from the Recipe Hub) already in the freezer portioned and frozen in slices, and will have two pregnancy smoothies each day!”.

If you are pregnant – check out the benefits of the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie.


“Now I just need to eat all my birthday chocolates tonight so I’m ready to start tomorrow!”

Happy belated birthday Jessica. We love your balanced approach to the Challenge and seeing how you customise the meals to suit your family. We wish you a smooth delivery and can’t wait to see your new addition to the family.

jessica may mcgill

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