Meet 5 of our Motivating Mums who will help you smash your goals this month!

Whether you’re starting out on a new weight loss journey, or whether you just need an extra bit of motivation and guidance to help keep you on track, you’ll find so much support in The Healthy Mummy Community. 

Every month we select a group of real mums like you, who are changing their lives and living The Healthy Mummy lifestyle. They are there to share tips and help guide you through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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Today we’ll meet five of these amazing women who share their own weight loss stories and give invaluable advice to help you smash your goals.

Join thousands of mums and change your life with The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Meet Kerry Herten

“Hi!  I’m Kerry, 39 years old from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I am a single mum with 2 daughters 12 and 8. I am an Educator in Early Learning and I’m approx 6 months off completing my Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching.

I have followed the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for 5 years and have lost/maintained a 19kg loss. I have also lost over 100cm from my body.

I have also been using the smoothies throughout my journey. I love how versatile they are and I love to experiment with flavours. There are so many incredible meals on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, so I can’t really pin point a favourite.. they are all so good! I do love the peanut bubble crunch as a snack!

The health benefits I have gained from my journey have definitely been my mental health making me a happier person. I am also fitter from the workouts from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which has helped me play netball!

I began the 28 Day Weigth Loss Challenge to improve my overall wellbeing. I was a mess! Mentally and physically! I never had the energy to do much at all!”

Kerry’s Goals for May

My goals for the month of May are to increase and be more consistent in my workouts to support my mental health and well-being. Staying on track to ensure I am fuelling my body to keep me energised and to increase my water intake.

Kerry’s 3 tips for getting started!

1) Stop, relax & breath!

2) Begin with small achievable goals.

3) Meal planning and prep is a must!

Meet Gemma Corey

Hi I’m Gemma, age 40, I am a Brisbane Mama to Miss 7, Mr 6 and am 23 weeks pregnant with our third!

Last year I lost 23kg following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenges and using the Smoothies and supplements daily! Now I am halfway through my first Healthy Mummy pregnancy!

Because I am still considered “overweight” and I am an older Mum, I need to be careful with how much weight I gain in this pregnancy. So far by using the Pregnancy meal plan and workouts from the app – I am right on target to gaining a healthy weight!

I love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies! My fave at the moment is the Almond Choc Smoothie with Tummy Chocolate! My fave Healthy Mummy snack is the Choc Chip Cookie Tart (pictured). My fave Healthy Mummy meal is the Simple Beef Pie and Mushy Peas (served with mash!)

Gemma’s Goals this month

  • Do 10,000 steps daily
  • Keep my meal plan super simple to avoid the temptation of takeaway
  • Complete an app workout daily
  • Give some of the meditation exercises in the app a try.

Gemma’s Tips for Starting out

  1. Customise the meal plans! Mine ends up looking nothing like the recommended plans. It has to work for my family & timetable!
  2. Fit in exercise when you can – early morning, lunch or after dinner. There is no magic time as long as it gets done!
  3. There is no wagon to fall off or get on. You are a Healthy Mummy! You have got this!

“Let’s smash our May goals together!!!”

Meet Laura Lilley

“Hello! I’m Laura! I’m a 30 year old mumma to Harry, 3 years and Lucy, 6 months.

Using the Healthy Mummy program I have lost 25kg, gained only baby weight during my second pregnancy and am almost back to my weight before both babies!

I’ve been a challenge member since April 2018. I joined after the birth of my son, after discovering I had insulin resistance through my journey of having gestational diabetes during pregnancy. During this time I’ve lost 25kg, had a Healthy Mummy pregnancy with no gestational diabetes and come off all anxiety and depression medication.

My biggest reason for taking part in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is my family. They deserve me at my best. A happy mummy, a loving wife, a confident me.

I love the Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies. Banana Sundae is my favourite. At our place we love the Meatball Soup, the Raspberry and Coconut Loaf and the Caramel Oat Slice.”

Laura’s Goals for May

My goals for May are to build consistency in my exercise routine and work hard at drinking more water.

Laura’s Top Tips

  1. Find a buddy to keep you accountable,
  2. Be organised and prepared
  3. Don’t let a weak moment take down your whole day.

Meet Elyce Thompson

Hi, I’m Elyce, 29 years old from Townsville QLD. I am a mum to three, twin boys who are 8 and a daughter who is 6.

I have successfully lost just shy of 35kgs on my journey with the Healthy Mummy and am in my 4th year of being a Healthy Mummy challenge member! I have gained so much confidence with the Healthy Mummy, have began a complete new lifestyle and now have a full understanding of what I need to fuel my body with! I have gone from being behind closed walls, to not wanting to step foot out in public, sitting down to watch my kids play to now getting involved and having just as much fun as the kids!

I am here to be a healthier role model for my children! All my children are diagnosed autistic and have ADHD. Life is quite challenging at times and quite hands on! I needed to improve my health to be that mum my children need.

I’ve been using the Smoothies since I started. The smoothies were actually the very first product I purchased! They are my lifesaver, my quick go-to. My favourite meal would have to be Mongolian beef. Favourite snack would be peppermint crisps!

Elyce’s Goals for May

This month I am aiming, to increase my water intake, lose 4kgs, exercise 6 days a week & find my groove again!

Elyce’s Three Tips for starting out

  1.  Start small – change doesn’t happen overnight.
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff- tomorrow is a new day.

“Look at your whys. Why did you start? Refresh yourself with Why you started and ask yourself how you can improve.”

Meet Kylie Pryor

“My name is Kylie and I’m a mum of three kids (aged 7, 6, and 4) from Western Sydney. I joined the Healthy Mummy in May 2017 and in that time I’ve lost 31 kg.

I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after the birth of my third child when my weight reached an all time high of 103 kg. I had some professional breastfeeding photos taken and when they came back I was really disappointed with how I looked. I knew I had gotten bigger but the photos really put it into perspective.

Since joining I’ve become the fittest I’ve ever been in my life and I feel so much healthier, inside and out.

I love using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast. With three small kids to get ready for school I love that I can have a fast and healthy breakfast that tastes delicious as well.

My favourite Healthy Mummy meal is the Mexican Lasagne, we have it quite often and it freezes beautifully so I often make up an extra for the freezer. My favourite snack has to be a Healthy Mummy muffin like the Blueberry Chia Muffins or the Wholemeal Choc Chip Muffins.”

Kylie’s Goal for May

“My goal for this month is to lose 2 kg and work on my strength.”

Kylie’s top tips for mums who feel like giving up are:

  1. Remember your why. Think back to your reason for starting out. Use it to help you push though the hard times.
  2. Find a positive quote that helps inspire you to keep going. My favourites are all saved into my phone and I look at them often.
  3. Focus on your food but keep it simple. A food diary can often help as you’re visually tracking it as well.

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