Midwife Sallee Reviews The Healthy Mummy

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The below review is from Midwife Sallee Dwyer, who is an experienced Midwife and also runs the successful Midwife To Mum – Sallee says “I would highly recommend this program for busy mums who have the goal of healthy living”. Read Sallee’s full review below

Sallee Dwyer Review

Sallee DwyerSallee Dwyer (Midwife/RN; Director of Midwife to Mum)

  • Registered Nurse since 2001 (Wollongong University)
  • Registered Midwife since 2003 (UTS)
  • Diploma of Health Counselling 2007 (Sydney University)
  • Masters of Midwifery (UTS)
  • Involved in antenatal education, hospital visits and follow up home visits
  • Delivery suite midwife in a southern Sydney hospital
  • Previous experience at Whispers Cottage, teaching antenatal classes and parenthood education

The Healthy Mummy Plan

I loved the approach of ‘Healthy Mummy’ towards weight loss and exercise. Theplans suggested are realistic, balanced, well researched, achievable and most importantly sustainable.

The website and encouraging emails are wonderful. They provide much needed and timely encouragement and education to mums in relation to healthy eating and other ways to keep the weight off.

As a new mum, I had so much happening in my life the last thing I wanted was another diet. I was feeling tired, a combination of the effects of a newborn and some of it was the extra weight I needed to shed. Many of the mums that I work with are looking for a lifestyle change and a healthy eating program that is simple – not where they will be left hungry or take ages to prepare. The 28-day plan is a great way to kick-start and the recipes are healthy, colourful and easy to prepare.

pregnancy smoothieThe Healthy Mummy Smoothies

I have purchased a variety of weight loss shakes in the past and to be honest I am not a fan. I reluctantly purchased the program with the shakes wanting to give myself the best opportunity to loose the weight.

I was pleasantly surprised with the shakes and how delicious they are. I tried strawberry and chocolate and both tasted really good, much different to my previous experiences with other brands. The shakes contain a multitude of ingredients and I found that they were a great breakfast or afternoon snack when I needed a boost. The shakes are helpful for mums that are on the go, breastfeeding and they complement a balanced diet.

The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD

DVD CoverWith a baby it was tricky to find the time to exercise. The benefits of exercise both physically, mentally and emotionally are well known and very important. The ‘Post pregnancy exercise DVD’ was perfect.

The sessions run for approx 10-15minutes which is achievable and you can exercise in the privacy of your home. I have found the DVD has assisted in gaining more energy, feeling more toned and losing weight. If you have any underlying health problems then always consult your health care professional first.

You can preview the DVD here


The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan

The book is simple yet effective, with the eating plan specifically designed to cater for mums. As a new mum, eating well may assist in the increase production of breast milk. All the recipes are breastfeeding friendly.

28 day bookThis book covers what to eat week by week, exercise plans, how much protein you should be consuming according to your weight, the weekly shopping lists, tips on how to maintain your weight loss and the pictures of the food are delicious.

I have a weakness to the dark chocolate bites. I always try to have a pack in my handbag for the moments I wanted a treat but the smaller sized packs were great for portion control. I felt satisfied that I had my treat but not sick from overindulging. I felt I had the best of both worlds, eating balanced and healthy but not depriving myself when I felt like some chocolate.

In summary, in my view – this approach works. I have 4kg of weight to loose before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I feel I have more energy and am more aware of the foods I am eating.

As a midwife I would highly recommend this program for busy mums who have the goal of healthy living. It is a complete holistic approach to health and well being without being extreme.

You can preview the 28 Day Plan here


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