Motivation for losing big numbers

Beginning a weight loss journey can be overwhelming, especially when your goal is to lose big numbers. Advice and support from people who have been there and understand the challenges can be a game changer.

Tasheena Snow has lost over 44kgs with The Healthy Mummy and today she shares her story, the things she wished she knew starting out, and how she kept motivated along the way.

Tasheena Motivation For Losing Big Numbers

Here is Tasheena’s story… 

My name is Tasheena Snow I am 28 years old and have 3 kids under 10.

When I first joined The Healthy Mummy, 23 months ago I weighed 112.8kgs.

After my third baby was born, I was around 118-120kgs. I also have severe scoliosis of the lower spine and was in a world of pain and new I had to do something. I was eating sooo much chocolate, takeaway, highly processed foods, 2L plus a day of Diet Coke.

I was a one-way ticket to an early grave. I tried to lose weight on my own but found it hard as I thought…

  1. You have to eat very little like 1200 cals a day which is untrue.
  2. Exercise your heart out for hours and be a sweaty mess – WRONG (and I loathed exercise).
  3. Cut out heaps of food groups like fruit, dairy, meat, carbs and so on which I heard over the years which is also WRONG.

I needed a structured plan as I had no idea what I was doing. I got down to under 113kgs on my own and knew I had to lose a heap more and I felt so overwhelmed.

Tasheena 20kg Down

 Then the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge came up and was made for busy Mums. I never buy anything for myself BUT I actually BOUGHT it secretly and hid it. I wasn’t telling anyone I was going to try and lose weight again as I always failed in the past and HATED the “I TOLD YOU SO”.

My first aim was to lose 20kgs but I was like “Pffft as if! We have been here before” so I said I will aim for 10kgs. Within 2 months I had lost that 10kgs then I lost that 20kgs in 5 months I was over the moon. I had never found a weight loss plan so easy to follow, it taught me so much!

  • I was eating 1600-1800 calories a day.
  • Exercising 5-10mins 2-3 times a day following the 28 Day Plan Book and honestly I didn’t sweat unless I did the Healthy Mummy DVD, squeezing in exercise where I could.
  • And still eating most of my favourite foods and yes I still could have chocolate ERMERGAWD.
  • I just cut out processed foods, refined sugars, fizzy drinks and white carbs as much as I could. I was not perfect the whole time but just making small changes made a big impact on my weight loss.

My weight loss has been up and down the whole time, I have slipped up so many times plus I have lost that will to workout here and there but I always found that motivation when I put my mind too it.

My main mindset over my whole journey as hard as it was, I kept telling myself to think of the greater good I am doing for my body and overall health, I am adding extra years to my life even if I had gained or the scales didn’t move I was still doing an amazing thing and that was making HEALTHY CHOICES as much as I could!

Tasheena weight loss results

Whether it was food or exercise. I focused on the good things that was happening like starting to hate the taste of Diet Coke, feeling sick after eating takeway, feeling good after choosing a healthy snack and not junk/sweets, parking further away from the shops, deciding to do a workout and not sleep with the kids, running around with my kids freely, having more energy and most of all my back was improving heaps and now nearly pain free. All these healthy choices just kept growing and my body kept changing.

If you have a big number to lose don’t see it as a number and a time frame see it as a healthy lifestyle and being there for your kids for when they are older. Being happy, confident, fitter and healthier.

  • Have small goals aim for 500 grams a week.
  • Plan to workout or take a walk every day even if its just for 10-15-20 mins.
  • Reward yourself along the way material things like a mag, nail polish, clothes, new music, hair done, massage, whatever you want but NOT FOOD you are not a puppy dog.

Tasheena Size 20 to size 10

I never thought I would get this far and you can do it too. Tell yourself this everyday and never doubt yourself, you are stronger than you think and you will reach your goal no matter how long it takes or how many slips ups along the way, trust me you will get there.

Focus on you and not the scales!

Need more support? Then join the amazing Healthy Mummy Private Support Group on Facebook and don’t forget to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – it is AMAZING.

Tasheena Snow xx

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