How ditching fizzing drink and fast food helped this mum lose 34kgs!

This mum lost and INCREDIBLE 34 kilograms AFTER ditching fizzy drink, fast food and signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Source: Supplied. Larina

Being obese throughout her childhood and early 20’s, Larina was plagued with health problems and self doubt.

“I’ve had problems with my weight my whole life. I remember hitting 100kgs* when I was 12 and wearing a ladies size 18. My sisters got all these beautiful clothes, and I got ‘old lady clothes’,” she says.

“At my biggest, 140kg, wearing a size 24 (well kind of, I was too embarrassed to go up a dress size so I held my pants together with rubber bands).”

Source: Suppled. Larina.

Larina and her partner welcomed their daughter into the world in 2015, and this kick started her determination to begin a healthier lifestyle.

“As I settled into being a first time mum I started to google healthy life style changes and came up with mass bulking and organic herbal tea options. This did not sound like the right path for me, and I felt lost again,” she says.

“I wanted a healthy lifestyle but I didn’t know how so I decided to ask my friends on Facebook.  That is when my friend added me to The Healthy Mummy Lose Baby Weight support page 

“I was nearly in tears with excitement as there were so many amazing women, success stories, and support from other women in the same position. For the next three days I watched the page nonstop.”

Beginning my weight loss journey – and ditching the fizzy drinks and junk food

“I took the time to look at recipes and find my way through the site, setting my starting date. I started weighing 136.4kgs,” says Larina.

“The first couple of weeks was exciting but really hard. I had to change my lifestyle from take out every second meal to cooking.”

Source: Supplied. Larina.

“But I got stuck in and tried everything, even meals I had never heard of before. The more I got into it the easier it became. I seeked tips of other members. Soon I was so in love with all the new food I didn’t want take out or fizzy drinks. In fact, I don’t even like it anymore.”


“I might still have thick thighs and enough cellulite to be passed as the moon.  But hell, I worked hard to look like this and I’m only half way. I’m going to be my own model and rock what I’ve got despite society’s beauty standards,” says Larina.

Source: Supplied. Larina.

“Today I weigh 102kg (down from 136.4kgs). That’s a total loss of 34.4kgs* and I have lost a total of 79cm off my body.”

Wow, Larina! You look great and have worked so hard. It’s really paid off. Well done!

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