Mum Documents Her Breastfeeding Journey Through These Beautiful Illustrations

This mum has documented her breastfeeding journey in the most magical way ever – that is, through the way of art.

‘I Had A Great Expectation About What My Motherhood Would Be Like’

Joy Hwang, who is a trained, professional artist, tells The Healthy Mummy that she has always turned to her sketchbook to sort out her thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

“I remember picking up a fresh new sketchbook two years ago when I found out I was expecting. What I didn’t expect was the reality of what new motherhood really entailed,” she tells us.

“I’ve always had a great expectation about what my motherhood would be like. First of all, I had a birthing plan – that totally went out the window. Then there was breastfeeding – which I’ve always imagined it would come naturally and magically, but it was quiet the opposite.”

This drawing is for my fellow mamas who power through the day at work with love and commitment for their families. Even that’s being away from your new baby for hours stretch throughout the day / sometimes for days and weeks, but we never stop thinking about them. Not even for a moment. Because our hearts are connected to our babies, and our bodies reminds us to bring love food home. Thinking about you amazing mamas. Sending you so much love. ??? . . . . . . . . . #workingmom #pumpingmom #exclusivelypumping #ebf #brelfie #lifewithbaby #normalizebreastfeeding #nursingmom #freethenipple #motherhood #mumlife #momcode #mommyblogger #parenthood #longestshortesttime #illustration #pumpingmama #sketchvideo #momisdrawing #breastpumpingart #breastfeedingart #육아일기 #육아소통 #instamama #instamom #ocmom #motherhoodthroughinstagram #carveouttimeforart #stopcensoringmotherhood

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‘My Baby And I Both Cried At Night’

The Californian-based mum reveals that when she tried to first breastfeed her little one it didn’t go to plan.

“I had a hard time nursing, pumping and tried all kinds of things to help produce milk for my baby,” Joy admits. 

“I remember times when my baby and I both cried all night because I couldn’t produce enough milk. I wanted to breastfeed. 

“My milk did come in as nature promised, but with much struggle and delay.”

Dream feed ✨ nursing through the night✨ Around 2am & 6am, I will hear a baby shuffling through my bed looking for comfort. Sometimes she will wake me up, but most of the time I’ll be taking a break from work and called back into present. My previous goal was to nurse her for a year. Now that we reached the milestone, it’s hard for me to think about weaning. I love when she latches on to me and find instant calm. I love the face of joy she makes when she’s nourished by the same body that made her. There are so many emotions going rushing through my mind, but for now I want to stay here and hold this moment little bit longer – while she fits perfectly on my lap, and we are each other’s whole world. ? . . . . . . #dreamfeed #brelfie #normalizebreastfeeding #nursingmom #freethenipple #motherhood #mumlife #mommyblogger #parenthood #longestshortesttime #illustration #sketchbook #drawing #ipadpro #momisdrawing #instababy #육아일기 #breastfeedingart #newmama #breastfeedingart #motherhoodart #instamama #instamom #beherenow #slowdown #doula #lactationconsultant #motherhoodthroughinstagram

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Joy says she wants her drawings to reflect the experiences of isolation while breastfeeding she felt being a first-time mum.

“I want my drawings to reflect every mum’s journey as well as mine,” Joy adds.

“My highest hope is to empower moms, and challenge the taboo of breast feeding / pumping images in public / social media through sometimes silly or too honest drawings. I want to open up these conversations and support one another.”

We think these illustrations are incredible. If you want to see more of Joy’s drawings, check them out here.

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