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Mum says she ‘falls off the weight loss wagon’ every month but has still lost 14kg

We’ve ALL had moments of ‘weakness’ on our individual weight loss journey (and fears of falling off the wagon). After all, it’s part of being human and not a robot.

Whether you end up treating yourself to an ice cream on a sunny day at the beach or you decide to have an extra slice of pizza at a family barbecue- just remember, DON’T beat yourself up about it! One calorie-filled meal is not going to effect all of your hard work.

You just may have to make a promise to yourself to squeeze in some extra squats while making breakfast the next day.

Mum says she ‘falls off the weight loss wagon’ every month but has still lost 14kg

In fact, Healthy Mummy Rebecca Garofoletti reveals that she ‘slips up’ with her meal plans or exercise regime EVERY SINGLE MONTH, but she has still managed to lose 14kg through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Rebecca 1

Rebecca has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges for the last six months, and she says she’s faced so many difficult situations.

“It’s so easy to let any bump in the road cause you to fall off the wagon,” she says. “An extra snack here or there or a bad night with the baby used to give me the excuse not to exercise.

“Every month I would make excuse after excuse not to follow my meal plans, and some days a bad meal choice would turn into a bad meal day, or worse, a bad meal week!”

Here’s how she helps herself back on the weight loss wagon….

Rebecca’s 5 top tips for ‘getting back in the saddle’

1. Preparation is the key to success

Meal prep

“Consistency and preparation are the keys to success. They help to keep me on track. If dinner is planned and prepared then there is NO excuse to get takeaway.”

There are a heap of easy-to-make recipes of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

2. Don’t beat yourself up

“It’s okay to have a ‘bad meal’ or a lazy day, but it’s important to not let it spiral out of control.

“The reason I decided to make a change was because I was fed up of what felt like a lifetime of ‘bad days’. Accept it and make the decision to move forward towards your goal.”

3. Change your mindset

“It’s so easy to feel like, ‘I can’t do this, I might as well give up’. You can do it.

“If you’ve made the decision to make a lifestyle change, then you’re already half way there. Changing your mindset and feeling positive will go a long way, and will also help minimise how long you fall off the wagon.”

Rebecca 2

4. Get support

“Every time I felt like I couldn’t do it, I looked to The Healthy Mummy’s Facebook Support Groups for encouragement. That’s what it’s there for.

“You’re not alone, there are thousands of women feeling exactly the same as you. Look to what they’re doing and with their help, you’ll get there.”

You can check out our Facebook Support Groups here.


5. Don’t give up

“You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run. Treat the ‘slip ups’ as a learning curve, and actually learn from it.

“If you’ve found yourself reaching for cake at a birthday party because you felt hungry, then you’ll know next time to eat before you go or to load up on salad before you get to that point.

The Healthy Mummy journey is all about EDUCATING yourself on what works and what doesn’t, and that is how you will reach your goals.”

Rebecca’s 14kgs weight loss success
 Rebecca new

“I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in February 2017, to help with my time management, meal skipping and over eating,” she says. 

“Since commencing the Challenges over 6 rounds I have lost 14kgs. 

“The Challenge has kept me motivated, engaged in the journey and never once bored. The variety of food choices and exercises in the app gives me so many options that everyday is adventure.”

That’s great to hear, Rebecca! You look incredible!

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