Mum who lost 35kg says now when the scales go up it’s because she’s built muscle!

This beautiful mum of two says she used to feel so disheartened when she weighed herself.

Zena, who is a member of The Healthy Mummy community, tells us she used to wake up and drink coke and have lots of cakes and doughnuts throughout the day.

“Throughout my life, I don’t remember ever being thin,” she says. “I used to always diet, lose a couple of kilos, and then give up. At the age of 19 I weighed 98kgs.”

Zena before and after her weight loss. Source: Supplied

Mum who lost 35kg says now when the scales go up it’s because she’s built muscle!

Zena says that she also struggled to find clothes that would fit her and when she got married at 22, she weighed 85kg.

“I had my beautiful daughter Amar, and every time I would go to my obstetrician appointment at the hospital, I’d hate being weighed because I was 110kg,” she says.

“I managed to lose the weight through breastfeeding and going to the gym but after I had my son Karim, I put on the weight and got up to 105kg.”

zena 2
Zena’s amazing weight loss. Source: Supplied

Zena then stumbled across The Healthy Mummy on Facebook, and started making the free recipes.

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Zena before and after. Source: Supplied

“I then joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and drinking The Healthy Mummy Smoothies. I even got my friends on board too,” she says.

“My son is two years and nine months old and I have lost all my baby weight and got down to 68kg.

“The scales now say 72kg*, as I have put on muscle, but I look better now than I did when I was 68kg. Sometimes it’s not the scales, they can be disheartening.”

Zena on her wedding day. Source: Supplied

Zena says she can now fit in a size 10 and feels amazing.

“I was never ever ever this healthy and thin when I didn’t have kids,” she says. “My journey still continues and I have a dream goal of reaching 60kg.”

Zena now. Source: Supplied

We have no doubt you can do it Zena, you look absolutely fantastic! What an incredible transformation!

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