“My Goal Is To Make Exercise A Part Of Every Day”: Mum-Of-Two Drops An Incredible 37kgs*

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What an incredible 12 months it has been for this gorgeous lady! Mum-of-two, Chloe Cox, has lost 37kgs* following The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is feeling super excited about it!

Just check out her incredible transformation pictures below!

chloe cox before and after

Chloe says: “Mid February will be my one year Healthy Mummy anniversary which I’m super excited about. My goal is to stick to my meal plan and make exercise a part of every day!”

Where Did It All Start?

Like lots of other mums, prior to discovering The Healthy Mummy‘s meal plans and smoothies, Chloe felt super disorganised and the way she felt about her body wasn’t just affecting her day to day life, but also her relationships with loved ones.

“I was so unhappy with my body that it was really starting to affect my relationship with hubby, it was affecting our day to day life,” says Chloe.

What Is Life Like For Chloe Now?

Fast forward to February 2017, and Chloe’s outlook on her body image and her life in general has changed dramatically.

Everything has changed for us. Once upon a time, hubby’s days off meant doona days with copious amounts of junk food and soft drink. Now we are out and about exploring the amazing environment we live in, we are off to parks to explore the local bushland and I am able to do it without the anxiety I used to feel,” Chloe says.

What Was The Best Part Of Chloe’s Transformation?

Chloe says the best part of her transformation was the “smoothies!

“I am gluten intolerant and still breastfeeding so the Healthy Mummy Smoothies have slotted into my life perfectly!

“The smoothies give me an opportunity everyday to satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthy way. I love how versatile they are and the endless combos that can be made. I have recently started adding baby spinach to nearly every smoothie, something that I would have never even considered prior to finding The Healthy Mummy!”


Shifting Focus

Health related goals can be challenging at times, but Chloe reminds us all that turning your attention to what’s most important can make the journey a much more enjoyable one.

Chloe says: “Not focusing on the pesky number on the scales feels so liberating. I am eating right, I’m exercising every chance I get – some days more than others but that’s life with a 1 and 2 year old and a night working hubby. I feel so much better, I can see the results, my clothes are looser and that number on the scales wont change the feeling I have!”

Chloe’s Top Tips For Anyone Considering Joining The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Get it done when you can! Prep snacks and smaller meals while you’re already in the kitchen cooking larger, longer meals.
  2. Cook double of whatever you’re making!
  3. Buy groceries online (this save on impulse buys and if you choose the largest delivery time slot, delivery is free. 

Sounds like Chloe has honed her multitasking skills down to a fine art!

You can join Chloe on next month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or find one of her own smoothie creations by joining our supportive Healthy Mummy Community here.

Are You Ready To Become A Healthy Mummy?

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