Watch: Mum-To-Be’s Hilarious Tale Of An Internal Check Gone Wrong

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This mum-to-be’s internal examination took an unexpected turn when her obstetrician mistook something else in the room for lubricant. Ouch! Prepare your pelvic floor muscles ladies, this one will have you laughing out loud!

woman labour exam

With their combination of gorgeous Kentucky accents and raucous laughter this adorable couple has had us in stitches, after a routine pregnancy check got a little ‘heated’.

‘Whatever you put in there, it’s hot!’

Rachel McQueen and her husband Chris shared their story while driving home from the doctor’s office – and are barely able to get through the tale before collapsing into fits of laughter.

rachel mcqueen

What she describes as ‘the worst experience of her life’ happened after her ultrasound, when her obstetrician began an internal exam. And instead of grabbing the lubricant to make the procedure a little more comfortable, he accidentally reached for something else.

“The first thing he does is the swab and it goes great,” Rachel explains on the YouTube video. “And after that things got a little heated down there.”

‘It’s dryer than the Sahara Desert up there!”

We just love Chris’ impression of his wife as she realises with horror something has gone terribly wrong: “She goes to the doctor: ‘Oh, oh, ooohh, whatever you put in there, oohh, it’s hot, it’s hot. You gotta go, you got to get out of here, ah man it’s hot.'”

The couple are finally able to tell us that instead of lubricant, the doctor used hand sanitiser. That’s gotta hurt! And according to Chris, “It’s dryer than the Sahara desert up there!”

They managed to see the funny side of the situation, later posting a Facebook status letting everyone know Rachel was feeling particularly hygienic.

rachel mcqueen

The parents, who love keeping it real on their YouTube channel MotherHood Madness then challenge anyone watching to try and top the story. We’d love to know if any of our mummies have experienced anything this hilarious when expecting? Let us know!

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