Mum’s Life Saved By Strangers After Losing Litres Of Blood Giving Birth

Emma Bianchi says she’s incredibly lucky to be welcoming a new year with her beautiful daughter Charlotte, after she almost died from a massive postpartum haemorrhage. It was the gift of life from strangers that saved the 30-year-old, and she’s now urging others to give blood these holidays.

emma bianchi newspaper clipping

Emma is now on a mission to give back after receiving a massive amount of blood from strangers who donated an hour of their time to save or improve the lives of others in need.

‘Without these donations…I wouldn’t be here today.’

Her amazing story of survival prompted the Australian Red Cross to contact the media in the hope of spreading awareness. “I was reluctant but said yes to newspaper, as I am no where near my (weight loss) goal and didn’t want to do TV.”

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Alisa Nyquist

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