Mums share how they got ready for back to school with some back to school meal prep

It’s back to school time which means parents are scrambling to get all the school supplies, new uniforms and childcare sorted whilst also trying to make sure that the kid’s lunch boxes are filled with nutritious food to help them get through the school day.

The mums in The Healthy Mummy community have been sharing some of the meal prep they have done so their kids have nutritious and delicious food in their lunch boxes.

See what some of the mums have whipped up below.

Melissa McSeveney prepped for back to school with these delicious snacks.

Mums meal prep lunch box treats for back to school

Robyn Jurd

Mum Robyn was very appreciative for the long weekend saying, “Thank goodness for public holidays!!

Prepped for back to school and back to work.

My weekly routine is about to flipped around with my daughter starting Kindy, my Son starting preschool and my work days swapping to the ends of the week. I’m also training for an ultramarathon plus do some study and work from home too. Life is about to get busy and I know it’s going to take me a little bit to adjust…. and that’s fine!

So to make it a bit easier I’ve prepped snacks which are delicious, freeze well and my whole family can enjoy.”

What did Robyn make:

30 Healthy Choc Chip Cupcakes


Grab the recipe here!

12 Berries and Cream Slice


This recipe is available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

12 Healthy Brownie Bites


Grab The Healthy Mummy Healthy Brownie Bites mixture here!

18 Snickers Bliss Balls


Grab the recipe here!

16 No-Bake Rasberry Cookies


Grab the recipe here!

16 Jalapeno Chicken Mixture


Robyn says she made this recipe from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge hub “to pull out on busy days for either enchiladas or burrito bowls.”

4 boiled eggs


Robyn says that she made these as they are “easy snacks, I do these every few days.”

She finished her post by saying “Now I need a Healthy Mummy Super Greens.” And we can see why with that epic cook up!

Melissa McSeveney

Melissa McSeveney prepped for back to school with these delicious snacks.

Mum Melissa said, “School’s back, a bit of healthy mummy lunch box meal prep for the week ahead.”

Here’s what Melissa made:

Robyn Elizabeth

Robyn was sick in Term 3 last year so was determined to start Term 1 2019 off right.

She said, “Term 1 baking complete! The freezer is full of Healthy Mummy snacks for school/kindy (and mum and dad too!).

When I joined up I never thought I would have access to all these amazing, easy, quick, healthy recipes for our whole family.

I was quite sick in term 3 last year due to pregnancy, and as a result, sent lots of store bought/packaged foods to school – the behavioural differences, anxiety, Inability to focus in my 5-year-old was glaringly obvious. So when my membership came due in December it was a no brainer to continue on – I NEED access to these recipes!!!”


What did Robyn make:

Robyn finished off by saying, “Pooped but ready to face this term of school and kindy and a baby due!”

Well done to these mums all this food looks delicious and we think your family will be grateful for all the prep you have done!

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