The Must-Have Hatching Egg Toy The World Is Going Crazy Over 

First there was Tickle Me Elmo. Then Furby. Then Elf on the Shelf. Now it’s Hatchimal, a large egg that hatches a creepy looking fuzzy animal. And, as Christmas nears, Hatchimal is causing parents to crack and the internet to break.

So why is this weird egg thing the must-have toy of the year? And is there any hope of getting your hands on one before Christmas?


Hatchimal: So Hot Right Now

It’s gained world wide attention. It crashed the Target website. It has parents shelling out five times its retail price on eBay. And it has recently caused a flurry of toy store tantrums (just ask my partner who had to battle it out with another parent for the final creepy egg thing at Kmart the other day).

It’s Hatchimal, an egg that hatches into an interactive (and demanding) fuzzy animal, much to the delight of children everywhere (and the despair of parents who have to listen to the thing).

On the hunt for Hatchimal

Hatchimal became a ‘thing’ in October and has quickly become the must-have-but-most-likely-sold-out toy of 2016. While hundreds of thousands of Hatchimals have been distributed overseas, only 10,000 to 15,000 eggs have been shipped into Australia and stocked at Kmart, Big W, Target and Toys’R’Us. And, with every shipment, the creepy eggs fly off the shelves in a matter of minutes.

Parents who don’t want to disappoint their children this Christmas are in a flurry of stress trying to track this toy down. Hatchimal retails for $80 but they are also being sold (and sold out) on eBay for anywhere up to $300.

Why is this egg so popular?

I was one of the lucky mums who managed to grab the must-have toy (thanks to my partner winning at Kmart) and now have the oversized weird speckled egg sitting in my secret Santa stash, waiting to hatch for my daughter (and probably be binned by New Year’s Eve). And, although I’ve yet to experience the thing, I can see why it would be fun for a child.

First of all, Hatchimal has that element of surprise. No one knows exactly when the egg will hatch. Secondly, children are responsible for the egg. Children have to play with it, stroke it, feed it and care for it before it will start to hatch. And thirdly, it’s interactive. Apparently the egg hatches into a furry thing that can talk, play and is basically similar to a Furby.

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However, a recent Facebook review by mum Kirsty Myerscough, suggests that Hatchimal is a massive waste of money: “It grew up from a baby to fully grown in a few hours, it doesn’t talk – it just records the child’s voice and plays it back, it has a few games that are boring and once played they don’t want to play again.”

My kid REALLY wants this weird toy

I hear you. And so do countless other parents. However, nothing ruins Christmas quite like seeing your child disappointed. While spokespeople for Toys’R’Us and Target confirmed that Hatchimal will not return to stores until 2017, Kmart’s spokesperson has hinted they may have another crop of creepy eggs coming before Christmas.

So, to the parents who are still on the search for this speckled egg, happy Hatchimal hunting! And may the odds be ever in your favour.


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