“Not Just One Day”: Mums share what International Women’s Day means to them

Today is International Women’s Day. It is celebrated every year on 8th March and is a global day celebrating all the aspects and achievements of women.

Here at the Healthy Mummy, we are all about supporting women and empowering them to be healthy and strong EVERY SINGLE DAY!  We celebrate women all year round, and continue to encourage women to be strong, fearless and fabulous. Not just one day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

Our extraordinary community of women supports each other EVERY SINGLE DAY as they celebrate achievements big and small. Our community is one where friendships are forged and one where women lean on each other to help them get one step closer to their health goals.

So in light of International Women’s day, we asked our AMAZING community of mums to tell us how they fight EVERY SINGLE DAY to feel empowered and how they teaching their own children, boys and girls about awareness and to challenge stereotypes.  Read their stories below….

Sascha Farley –“Girls can’t do that” – I say “YES they can!” 

“International Women’s day is 8th March every year. For me I celebrate every single day by never giving up, lifting up the community of women around me, and supporting their hopes, dreams and achievements.

Everyday I role model for my sons and daughters, by my actions, my conversations and questions. I make them think and challenge the norm… “Girls can’t do that” – I say “YES they can!” 

I use my social platform to empower women everyday. Use the tools you have right now and be unapologetically you. You CAN do it all, just not all at once.”

Bec Ashforth – “Just because I have breasts and a vagina I can still get a spider, mow the lawns or put the new flat packs together”

“Living your best life in all aspects of health, food, fitness and rights! It’s our rights and our responsibility as mums, auntie’s, friends and lovers to be pushing forward with all the power we have. To stop the stereotypes to be able to be both strong and amazingly powerful and determined, yet also be cared for, to show love to who and how we see fit. Just not as a condition of our gender. 

 Not just one day but every day, I am a mum to 4 girls and 1 boy and every day we talk about things of all genders!  I often parent solo even though I am married, I don’t ask other men for help to do the “MAN JOBS ” because guess what there is no such thing! Just because I have breasts and a vagina I can still get a spider, mow the lawns or put the new flat packs together and all those other jobs we have implied are a mans job. I try to teach my girls, that we don’t need a man to do the jobs and my son does not need a woman to take care of him, to do the washing cook the meals take care of his children if he wished to have them. They are all capable of doing it all for themselves, every day! No matter their sex.” 

Hannah Pech – “It’s so important to find ways we can raise our girls in a world where their gender doesn’t define them.”

“Today is International Women’s day and a day we are reminded to reflect on our views on being women, raising women and how we want our growing women to build on their world in the future. It’s one day to look back at our past and see how far we have come, how much change has occurred in the world and celebrate. To me, this day is one day to reflect on this, one day of many.

But why do we need one day to mark this occasion, as great as it is to have a day to remind us, I think it’s so important to find ways we can raise our girls in a world where their gender doesn’t define them.

Having twin daughters who will grow up and be entering the workforce, motherhood, and in the middle of their 20s in the 2040(ish) I’m not preparing them for tomorrow, I’m preparing them for the decades ahead. I’m preparing them for the way they will raise their daughters, and the messages they will be passing on.

I want them to know that to be a MUM you can be anything. A mum isn’t defined by their occupation, age or weight. A mum looks different in so many ways, and to be a successful mum can’t be defined in one form. Being a mum means you can cry, you can laugh and you can be STRONG. You can be anything you want to be and still love your children in every way possible.

If I could fast forward to give them one message in 2040 it’s that all I want for them is to be happy in who they are day in and day out. For them to find their place in society that makes them happy, confident and above all a woman loving life the way they want to, defined by their own choices and passions! Happy international women’s day, let’s celebrate this every single day!

Little girls grow into women who can take on the world in any form they wish. They can become whatever they want to be and the definition of success only needs to be measured with a ruler they own and have control over!”

Nik Green –I’m proud of myself and the kick-ass job I’m doing”

“Today is International Women’s Day and that in itself is pretty amazing, but why should we only celebrate one day? Why not celebrate how amazing women are all the time #notjustoneday.

I celebrate how amazing women are all year round! I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by strong, motivating and powerful women daily!

I am a Healthy Mummy consultant and have been one for almost 5 years now! I absolutely love my role of being a role model motivating and inspiring women on their journeys to health! I find it so empowering and rewarding watching women take back control of their lives and leading a happy and healthy lifestyle! I love the overwhelming love the women show for one another, talk about women supporting women.

As a single mum I’m so grateful I’ve been able to do this role from home while raising my twin boys. The Healthy Mummy is so supportive of women and Mums, I’m eternally grateful to Rhian for giving me this opportunity to earn an income and support my boys and myself while being at home.

I’m proud of myself and the kick-ass job I’m doing in my role as a consultant and as a single mother so I’ll be raising a glass to myself today but let’s start celebrating amazing all year round #notjustoneday.”

Samara Rochelle Khourey – “We need to be an example so that our sons stand by the women in their lives – not in front, not behind.”

“As a single mum of two daughters, days like International Women’s Day are so important to me. But I don’t just leave it to this one particular day to make it clear how important women are. I make sure I teach my girls to be kind, to be fair, to be strong, independent and heard – every day. I pride myself on being a positive influence on my girls when I can. I want them to know that they can be and do anything they want. The future for our girls is bright with endless opportunities, we just have to make sure they can see that.

As women, we are not a stereotype. We are not a one size fits all. We do not need to prove our worth, to compete, or to criticise. We do not need to tear each other down. What we need to do is show love to each other. To lift each other up. To cheer each other on. To be a sisterhood. No comparisons, no judgments.

I am 100% all about women supporting women. I have always, and will always make sure that I am the type of person who will genuinely tell another woman if her dress looks amazing, or if her makeup is on point, or if her shoes caught my attention. If I see another woman doing her best, I tell her. If I see a mama struggling with a toddler tantrum, I throw her a little smile and let her know she’s not the only one. If I’m out at dinner and the waitresses hair looks fabulous, I will make sure she knows it.

I have always believed that we, as women – as humans – need to lift each other up. We need to spread positivity and kindness like glitter – spread it everywhere and some is sure to stick! If there’s ever an opportunity to straighten another queens crown, or maybe add a little extra sparkle to it, you’d better believe that I’ll be taking it. We are strong, and so much more powerful than we even know.

But we need to make noise now, to finally achieve gender equality. We need to make enough noise so that they will have no other choice, but to listen to us. We need to be loud and proud so that our daughters won’t need to scream to be heard. We need to be an example so that our sons stand by the women in their lives – not in front, not behind.

We as women can be and do anything we put our minds to. We know this. Now we need to show the world… but not just today.#notjustoneday”

‘A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.’ – Coco Chanel

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