Nurse To Sue Trampoline Park After Fracturing Her Back: ‘It Was The Most Pain I’ve Ever Suffered’

Liza Jones is planning to sue a trampoline park after she jumped into a foam pit and landing badly following a four metre high ‘tower jump’, which caused her to fractured her back.

‘It Was Really Scary’

The 26 year-old nurse was rushed to hospital where she was told she had fractured her back and burst a vertebrae and had to undergo surgery to have metal plates and screws put in.

“It was really scary, it was the most pain I’ve ever suffered in my life,” Liza tells The Sun.

“When I got to hospital they did an x-ray and CT scan and I was not allowed to move then, they wanted to keep me flat on my back.

“They said I had an unstable fracture and one of my vertebrae had burst, which meant I had fragments of bone sticking out that could have paralysed me.

“I didn’t know how serious it was until then and I was very scared of the operation and of my future.”

‘I Can’t Lean Forwards’

Flip Out trampoline park in Chester in the U.K. has since closed the tower.

“The pain is worse at night and I can hardly move in the mornings,” Liza adds.

“Some days I am really aching to the point where I want to watch tele, but I can’t sit in the chair to watch it, I just want to lie flat.

“I can’t lean forwards or bend to pick things up and I can’t lift things. It just feels like a massive ache sometimes and it’s difficult because I’m used to doing such an active job.”

Flip Out have had ‘three incidents’ similar to Eliza’s on the same day. Student nurse Ceri Jones says she heard a “crunch” when she launched herself off the tower jump. George Magraw also suffered a spinal injury on the same day.

A spokesman for Flip Out says: “We have replaced the Tower Jump with a new Battle Beam attraction.”

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