Outdated parenting advice new mums don’t want to hear…

It doesn’t matter how much you loved your childhood, there are probably things your parents did when they raised you that might seem a bit outdated now.

Just one generation ago, things like being smacked if you were ‘naughty’, been given Gobstoppers from the sweet shop or going around the block on your bike unsupervised as a primary-schooler were the norm. But they aren’t anymore.

Here are a few outdated parenting bits of advice that our parents and grandparents should probably stop trying to tell us ‘worked for them’.

Outdated parenting advice new mums don’t want to hear

1. Don’t let your kids get dirty

The CRAZIEST parenting advice from the last 100 years

We all dream of having kids that eat their food over their plate or who don’t empty out sand from their shoes in the car at the end of the school day. However, it’s not that simple!

Plus, letting your kids get dirty and get stuck in actually helps improve their immune system, numerous studies have shown.

2. Babies should be put on their tummies to sleep

should i worry about baby's flat head

A couple of decades ago, midwives advised parents to put their little ones on their tummies to help with wind. However, medical experts now advise that parents DO NOT put babies on their tummies, in order to prevent SIDS.

For now, parents are still being cautioned to comply with safe sleeping guidelines. SIDS Bereavement Support Services can be accessed by calling 1300 308 307.

3. ‘You’re babying him’

CUDDLING your kids make them SMARTER, better behaved and more SUCCESSFUL in life!

We now know a lot more about child safety than we did in the ’80s and ’90s. This includes wearing helmets while riding bikes or scooters, as well as kids being securely put in car seats rather than balancing on their parent’s lap!

You’re not ‘babying’ your child, just making sure they are safe. If they fall and hurt themselves, they want comfort not to be told ‘big boys don’t cry’ because they do, and it’s okay.

4. Holding baby too much will spoil them

mum hugging newborn sleepling

Back in the day, parents let their baby cry it out in fear of ‘spoiling them’. But we’ve since recognised that babies need love and comfort. In fact, it makes evolutionary sense in order to survive for kids to be with their parents.

So ignore Grandma, cuddle your baby if he or she is crying!

5. Putting cereal in formula

It wasn’t that long ago that parents added to cereal to their little one’s bottles to help ‘fill them up’.

Not only does adding rice cereal to a baby’s bottle not keep them asleep, but it can also raise their risk of choking, as it makes the liquid thicker.

6. Rubbing whiskey on baby’s gums when teething

4 Teething Tips For Tired Mummies

There are heaps of other things you can do to help your child’s sore gums! Past generations of parents used brandy or whiskey to soothe teething pain, but the truth is, no amount of alcohol is thought to be safe for infants!

So resist any urges you may have from relatives to follow in that tradition.

7. Pop tarts for breakfast

Pop-Tarts are no longer regarded as a good breakfast solution. They are really high in sugar and provide very little nutritional value!

8. Second hand smoke

Maybe your parents smoked around you as a kid or while they were pregnant, but stats show that children who breathe secondhand smoke are more likely to bronchitis and pneumonia.

9. Letting kids roam free

Whether it’s just a perception or not, sadly it would appear that society isn’t as safe as it once was. Young kids don’t leave the house first thing in the morning and come back for their dinner! To ensure your child is safe, they should be supervised by a responsible adult.

10. Leaving children at home or in the car

Did you know that in Queensland it is a criminal offence to leave a child under the age of 12 unattended in a car. However, NSW and other states don’t specify an age.

Leaving a child in the car unsupervised, especially while it’s hot, is definitely frowned on and should never be done.

Talking of cars, kids should also not be allowed to sit on parents laps to learn to drive the car either!

11. Boys shouldn’t play with dolls

Boy and girl playing

Boys and girls can play with whatever toys they like. Long gone are the outdated gender assigned toys of the old days.

12. Letting your kids drink fizzy drinks all day

While cola and lemonade was once popular in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, parents these days are more aware of how sweetened drinks can cause teeth to root!

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