This is why parenting after 5pm is beyond stressful

It’s 5pm. You’ve been kid-wrangling for 12 hours straight. And you’re done with this whole parenting thing. But, oh no you’re not. Not even close.

If it seems like you start to lose your patience, your focus and possibly your mind after 5pm, then this might explain why.

The perks of modern day parenting

12 hours down, only a few more to go

As many people prepare to end their work day, mums around the world are entering the hardest part of their day.

5pm – the time when mums up their parenting game and put in the extra hours, even when they are running on empty.

Here’s our theory as to why keeping your cool and parenting properly after 5pm is next to impossible.

1. Because it’s too late for caffeine

After three cups of coffee in the morning, anything is possible. I could climb a mountain with both my kids and my dog strapped to my back if I wanted to (I don’t…but I could).

But the energy (and the buzz) tends to wear off by the afternoon and indulging in caffeine this late in the day might ruin your dream of a decent night’s sleep.

2. Because kids need to know the answers to all of life’s mysteries during this time

Why spend this time winding down when they can instead ask mum to recite every dinosaur that ever existed and explain how clouds are made?

3. Because witching hour does not just exist for newborns!

This Is Why Parenting After 5pm Is So Freakin' Stressful

Sure, older kids may not need to be constantly attached to your breast, but between the hours of 5pm and 6pm they are probably attached to your leg, asking questions, demanding attention and complaining about being hungry.

4. Because Happy Hour also doesn’t exist after having children

Remember coming home from a long day and pouring a glass of wine to enjoy in silence? Nope. Nor do I.

Because, in addition to your kids needing constant attention, this is also usually the time of the day when siblings decide that getting along is impossible. Fighting about who gets to sit on which couch cushion, who has to take a bath first and who can run around the house naked faster is pretty much the norm now.

And a half-finished warm glass of wine (served in a plastic glass for fear your children might break the glass) is as close as you’re going to get to Happy Hour.

5. Because kids do not have the ability to tell you about their bake sale until 8pm the night before


No, I am not baking cupcakes at 8pm. Not going to happen.

This also goes for science projects or anything that involves having to use the glue gun or bring out the glitter after 5pm. There’s a time and a place for glue and glitter. Inside my house after 5pm is NOT one of them.

6. Because the majority of your ‘jobs’ need to be done within a two-hour limit

Not only are you on dinner (and clean-up duty), but you also have a whole heap of other parental responsibilities that need to be completed before bedtime. Kids bathed, baby and pets fed, homework completed, books read. And all by a decent hour.

It’s you against the clock. And, most nights, the clock wins.

Yes, parenting is a 24/7 job. But all mums need a break. And while there are no such thing as ‘weekends’, ‘public holidays’ or even ‘smoko breaks’ in mummy-land, you have to admit, the extra cuddles make up for the overtime hours.

Feeling tired?

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