What Happens When Parents Are Brutally Honest With Their Toddlers

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Little white lies are a part of parenting. The play centre is closed… It’s way past your bedtime… There are no veggies hidden in your sauce…

But what would happen if parents actually told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to their kids? Hilarity, that’s what. And this video NAILS IT.

Truth Be Gone – The No BS Approach to Parenting

The family behind Story of This Life are known for their honest and relatable parenting videos. Esther and Thad, and their two adorable daughters, toddler Ellia, and baby Tessa, are a staple on most of our Facebook feeds.

Their latest video, titled If Parents Were Brutally Honest, once again, looks at the lighter side of parenting. They take parenting off the pedestal and simply tell it how it is. And they are awesome at it!

“No, We Are Not Almost There.”

From speaking truthfully about the absolute awfulness of baby food to admitting that mum and dad need to go on a date to get away from their toddler, Esther and Thad tackle the everyday truth-bending situations head on. No lies. No omitting some of the facts. No pretending not to hear the question.

Ester and Thad hit their daughter with the cold, hard, facts. No, you can’t be a doctor because it’s too expensive. No, we are not almost there. No, I can’t fix your annoying toy because I took the batteries out on purpose.

Of course, the whole thing is staged for the video and we are pretty sure Ellia wasn’t traumatised from the situation (pretty sure…), but it’s still funny to see what life would be like if we really did speak our minds freely.

The only thing the couple stutter on? The dreaded, “Where do babies come from?” question. Because, sometimes it’s easier to just go with the story of the stork.

Check out Story of This Life’s equally funny video about what Christmas with a baby really looks like.

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