Parents are now apparently signing ‘baby-nups’ – would you consider this?

Baby-nups are now a thing! They’re like a pre-nup, but with a twist…

Expectant parents are apparently signing agreements to work out what is off limits when their baby arrives. These schedules are said to include things like nights out, who gets to go to the gym and time for the internet.

Yes, really!

Parents are now apparently signing ‘baby-nups’ - would you consider doing this with your partner?
Parents are now signing ‘baby-nups’. Source: Pexels

Parents are now signing ‘baby-nups’ to help them raise their children

According to US magazine Parade, parents-to-be are drawing up agreements on what’s expected from each parent when it comes to feeding, changing nappies, even lie-ins!

One couple, Melissa and Greg Biggs, the publication spoke to revealed how the ‘baby-nup’ worked for them.

Melissa said: “I listed all the chores we had and assigned a name to each one and hung it on our fridge. We both signed it so we knew we would stick to it, no excuses.”

Parents are now apparently signing ‘baby-nups’ - would you consider doing this with your partner?
‘Baby-nups’ work for some parents. Source: Pexels

Another couple, Julie Hochhieser and her husband Daniel Ilkovich, reveal their ‘nup’ consists of a routine of who will take their daughter to appointments and playdates.

They are also aware of who is on ‘duty’ looking after their daughter in the early mornings and late nights, so they can still keep their social life and know what’s expected of them.

And like an actual roster, they can swap ‘shifts’!

Julie says: “Every morning and every evening is assigned to someone. It’s no-negotiation, but we can trade if necessary.

“We both having extremely demanding jobs, and it just helps bring some clarity to the insanity that is parenthood.”

Parents are now apparently signing ‘baby-nups’ - would you consider doing this with your partner?
‘Baby-nups’ could help reduce stress. Source: iStock

‘Baby-nups’ can help reduce stress, says psychotherapist

Psychotherapist, Matt Lundquist, believes in some cases a ‘baby-nup’ is a good thing, as it can help alleviate stress.

“The number one issue couples reach out to us for is communication,” he tells the publication.

“Childcare is an area where couples often make assumptions–based on how they were raised or even an interpretation of things there partner has said or inferences based on a sense of who their partner is.

“A plan such as this – a contract – allows the opportunity to test those assumptions, to make them clear and bring attention sooner (pre-baby) to what might live in conflict.”

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Interestingly, the concept of a ‘baby-nup’ has received mixed views.

Some suggest it’s like an agreed custody plan in place in case the couple end up getting divorced, and others said “children aren’t a chore”.

Another person tweeted: “It sounds good in theory. But so many circumstances could change by the time you have a baby or get divorced.

“Custody agreements made before marriage may not work years down the road.”

However, others thought the ‘nups’ were a “great idea” and “sensible”.

What do you think? Would you ever be tempted draw up a ‘baby-nup’ with your partner?

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