Your partner’s snoring could be taking years off your life!

Your partner’s snoring at night isn’t just annoying, it can actually be damaging your health. YIKES!

Researchers have found that snorers actually disrupt their loved one’s sleep at night but also increase their blood pressure – and that’s not just from the arguments the next morning!

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Your partner’s snoring could be increasing your blood pressure

Scientists at the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore found that one in seven people are being affected by snorers.

They examined a group of over 160 snorers and then looked how it affected their significant others.

In the experiment, experts found that 14% of subjects snoring exceeded decibel levels of 53. Two thirds of participants had noise levels of 45 decibels, which is the equivalent of sleeping next to a washing machine.

Not only can this sound raise the snorer’s blood pressure but also the person sleeping next to them.

High blood pressure could cause cardiovascular stress, breathing problems, diabetes, anxiety and even spark heart attacks!

“Snoring represents a source of noise pollution and bed partners can suffer from unhealthy sound levels,” say researchers.

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Another study found snoring could be taking years off your life!

Meanwhile, another study by scientists at Harvard found that snoring does not only cause irritability in partners and even have an affect on your relationship but it can also take years off your life!

They also found that if you’re not getting enough shut-eye each night it can weaken your immune system, slow down your productivity at work and even cause you to put on weight!

Poor quality sleep may be linked to an increased risk of obesity.

If you are a long-time sufferer sleeping next to a snorer, we recommend you go out and get ear plugs STAT!

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