‘This photo made me realise how unhappy I was’

This mum feels like she sat on the fence for WAY too long when it came to actively trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sam Stevenson says after the birth of her fourth child she began to feel really self-conscious about her appearance.

pics weightloss
Sam says she felt really self-conscious about her body. Source: Supplied

“I felt frumpy, unhealthy and extremely self conscious. I was worried about what people thought of me,” she reveals.

“I was worried about how my husband felt when he looked at me. I hated the thought of him touching my stomach. It was crazy how low my self-esteem actually was.”

‘This photo made me realise how unhappy I was’

Sam says she remembers seeing the adds for The Healthy Mummy coming up on Facebook and noticed that one of her friends had liked the page.

“My friend had not long ago had a baby and she looked fantastic. I clicked on the page and was amazed to see all the fabulous women, who had grown in confidence, and I found myself nodding in agreement with how they felt when they were overweight when I read their stories,” Sam says.

“You could see the difference in their faces after they had changed their lifestyle and how they carried themselves once they started to lose weight. I WANTED TO BE LIKE THEM!”

young kids
Sam with her two youngest kids. Source: Supplied

Sam says: “I remember sitting back and watching their fabulous transformations but thinking ‘I’m just not ready yet’.”

But then Sam decided to join the first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in July 2014, but still sat on the sidelines.

She says: “Yep, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t eat healthily, I didn’t exercise. And the same thing happened the second month. I did nothing.”

Not Sat On The Sidelines Any Longer

But things changed after she saw a photograph of herself at her son’s christening.

Things changed when Sam saw this pic at her son’s christening (right). Source: Supplied

“It made me realise just how unhappy I was with myself and I needed to get myself together,” she says.

“So I made sure I followed the next challenge to a tee. I had doubts it would work for me but how WRONG I was. The changes in me were amazing.

Not only did I lose 16kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss ChallengeI ‘found’ my confidence again. I was am longer hiding and not wanting to be seen, I love how confident I am around everyone, including my husband.”

Sam loves how she’s feeling these days. Source: Supplied

“The weight loss did for me so much more than just allow me to wear smaller clothes,” she says.

The Healthy Mummy WORKS. After nine months postpartum, I’m on my way back to my fit and fabulous self. If you are sitting back and not sure about whether it will work for you, I’m telling you right now IT ABSOLUTELY WILL!

“I wish I’d done it sooner, but I guess it’s better late than never!”

sat on fence
Sam says she wishes she’d done the challenge sooner. Source: Supplied

This is so inspirational, Sam! You look sensational. We can safely say you are no longer sat on the fence and are firmly running on the other side of it!

Become A Healthy Mummy

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