8 things that go through a pregnant woman’s mind when she’s carrying high

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Pregnant bumps vary in shapes and sizes, and more often than not women are said to either ‘carry high’ or ‘carry low’ – depending on where the baby is sitting inside their womb.

The position of your bump can not only impact how you feel but it may also influence the comments you’ll get from friends, colleagues and even random strangers!

If you’re carrying high, you’ve probably had AT LEAST one of these thoughts…

very pregnant woman

8 things that go through the mind of pregnant woman that is carrying HIGH

1. ‘If one more person tells me I’m having a girl…’


It’s an old wives tale that if you are ‘carrying high’ you are expecting a girl, and if you are ‘carrying low’ your baby is a boy.

However, these rules aren’t fool proof. But we can bet your bottom dollar that if you’re carrying high, EVERYONE that comes into contact with you – and this includes neighbours and old ladies on the bus – will  tell you that “you’re expecting a girl.”

Even if your scan tells you otherwise.

2. ‘Do I have an extra boob?’


Your boobs usually get bigger when you’re pregnant, but if you’re carrying high you may, at times, mistake your bump for an extra breast!

3. ‘Can I still wear a bra?’

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When your bump is so high it can be tricky to find out where the bottom of your cleavage ends and the top of your bump begins -in some cases it will fell like they all seem to mould together!

4. ‘Is my baby trying to break out through my ribs?’

slim woman pain on the rib during pregnancy.

One problem most women who are carrying high experience is that their ribs hurt like crazy!

This is because bub is snuggled comfortably (they are comfortable, you not so much) below your ribs, so when they move it feels like they’re about to break everything that’s inside it.

5. ‘I can’t breathe…’


Just walking up the stairs feels like you’ve literally just run a half marathon!

Another downside of carrying high is that it’s almost impossible to not sound like you’re out of breath, even if you’ve just woken up!

6. ‘Where have my feet gone?’


You remember your feet fondly, but it’s been months since you last saw them. Maybe ask your partner to check they’re still there if you’re worried.

Fear not, once bubs is born you’ll see them again!

7. ‘I’ve got an awesome place to rest my food… TV remote, phone etc.’


There are upsides of ‘carrying high’ – you’ve got your very own resting ledge now! You don’t need to reach for the coffee table for your cuppa these days.

8. ‘Can you give birth through your mouth?’


With your baby so high, you’re probably wondering if they will ever drop! And if they don’t, it may be easier for them to crawl out through your mouth – after all, it feels like its the closest opening!

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