Radio host Em Rusciano announces pregnancy AND gender in the most hilarious way

CONGRATULATIONS! 2Day FM radio host, Em Rusciano has some big news to share and she hasn’t disappointed with her announcement.

Using the hit scene from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, the comedian copied Abigail Breslin’s outfit, pose in the mirror, and announced her pregnancy just like her listeners thought she would.


She said, “I’m totally pregnant and so happy my heart may burst in my chest at any moment. Although I’m not so much little miss sunshine as little miss teary, bloated, nauseous yet ravenously hungry.”

Pregnant with baby number 3!

Russo also revealed the gender of her baby and it’s….A BOY!

She said in another Facebook post, “It’s a bloody happy time for my fam and I. The other bonus- No more sucking my guts in at work.. It’s been a hectic vomit themed time but I think I’m out the other side now, oh and it’s a BOY!”

The mum of 2 girls Marchella and Odette, is over the moon with the news and this pregnancy news is very special to Em and her family as she revealed in May 2017 that she had suffered a miscarriage.

“I was going to announce it this Monday as we’d hit 13 weeks, but instead I will be at home in the most exquisite pain I can possibly fathom. Yesterday I found out that my little boy, was lost to me.”

One-in-five women will experience a miscarriage and sadly some women experience more than one. Click here to connect with other women who have miscarried. 

Already thinking about baby names, Em wrote on her website that the whole family are pitching in.

“My husband and daughters even starting tossing around baby names, thinking that they actually have a say in what I name the baby. Hahahahaha. Ha. Cute. No.”

Would these cute boy names be of interest Em?


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