Study reveals if you have sex here you’re more likely to have a happier relationship

Fitting in a sexy session with your partner is tough when you’re a parent. But it turns out if you have sex here, you could strengthen your relationship!

A study found that couples who have sex outside of the bedroom are 10.5 per cent more satisfied with their relationship than couples who stick to the bedroom…interesting!

romantic couple

Want to inject some passion? Have sex here!

The team at House Method talked to 1,048 people who lived with their significant other and looked at WHERE they chose to get it on besides the bedroom. They also looked at how it differed with parents versus couples without kids.

Couples who had sex outside of the bedroom not only reported that they had about twice as much sex as other couples who stayed in their bed, but they were also more satisfied with their sex lives and relationship!

Turns out the living room was the number one spot with a MASSIVE 96.6 per cent of couples admitting they’d had sex there. The runner up room was the bathroom with 82.8 per cent of people saying they’d tried it on there. Seems like lots of people wanted to give shower sex a go…

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And parents like to have sex here…

caught having sex

For all you mums reading thinking sex outside the bedroom is easier said than done, you’re not alone!

The study found that couples, especially those with kids in the house, valued their privacy. The top rooms for parents to get it on were found to be the bathroom, guest bedroom, or home office. However locations like the garage and back yard were preferred by parents as well.

So if you feel like you haven’t had any action in a while and want to get more intimate with your partner, why not give it a go in another room!

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