10 Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

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When you are actively trying to conceive a baby or haven’t used any contraception – it’s fairly common for women to obsessively analyse each and every possible sign of early pregnancy.

This includes tummy spasms, sore boobs, queasiness or too many trips to the loo in the middle of the night.

woman looking pleased after finding out the result of her pregnancy test.Some people have a faint inkling within days of conception that they may be pregnant. While others don’t know until their period is late.

Other women are like me with my third and find out way after that. In fact it was 12 weeks after conception that I realised!

You will need a pregnancy test and a blood test to be able to confirm pregnancy for sure. But until then, we have a list of early signs and symptoms that you may be pregnant.

10 Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

1. Tingling Breasts Or Nipples

Commonly the first notable sign of pregnancy is a change in your breasts or nipples. Often this is in size, colour, tenderness or tingling.

2. Heightened Sense Of Smell

All of a sudden can’t handle the smell or raw chicken? Or the second-hand smell of your spouse’s beer? Perhaps your favourite perfume now sets off a headache!

This is often a dead giveaway that you’re expecting.

3. Queasiness

My first tell-tale sign is queasiness after a cup of tea. Every time I would end up on the verge of throwing up!

It is one of the first signs for many women; being unable to stomach their usual foods or feel nauseated when they haven’t eaten enough food.

Struggling with morning sickness? Here are some tips on how to help manage it. 

4. Frequent Urination

Find yourself needing more wee breaks than before? Can’t get through the night without a trip? It could be a sign!

Our bodies produce extra fluids while pregnant causing our bladders to work overtime.

5. Fatigue

I remember crying to my spouse before I knew I was pregnant saying ‘I am so tired it physically hurts’. I would roll home from work and sleep without dinner just to get through the next day. Making babies is exhausting work!

Read here about how other mums-to-be find the energy to get through their days.

10 Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

6. Headaches

With all those extra hormones running rampant in your body it is not unusual for your body to respond with killer headaches.

If you are suffering from headaches be sure to take pregnancy-safe painkillers or speak with your family doctor if you are unsure.

Pregnancy generally causes all sorts of aches and pains within our bodies, read about what is normal and what’s not if you are concerned.

7. Hunger

Pregnancy made me ravenous in those early weeks, yet I was unable to eat substantial sizes.

Finding yourself hungrier than normal but feeling off your usual foods? Try our pregnancy smoothie to up your intake of daily goodness.

8. Cravings Or Food Aversions

Change in tastes? Or maybe you’ve woken up and just had to have a bowl of fresh, cold fruit? Maybe you can no longer handle chicken! This could be your body telling you that you are pregnant.

If you’ve had some strange cravings you are not alone!

9. Cramping

If you’re trying to fall pregnant don’t be discouraged if you find yourself having PMS-like cramps. These could be your body preparing for the future growth of your baby.

10. Missed period

All these signs can also be signs of an impending of period. The biggest early sign would be having a late (or even better, missed) period.

Once you’re overdue you can do wee on stick test or book yourself in to see your family doctor for proper confirmation.

We have everything crossed that you get the news you are hoping for!

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