Take away foods to steer well clear of if you want to lose weight

In one of our recent Healthy Mummy surveys you told us that you have, on average, take away once a week.

And while it’s totally okay to enjoy yourself every now and then – we’re not robots after all – there are SO MANY fast food outlets that advertise ‘healthy’ options on their menu that aren’t actually healthy at all! You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste.

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When following a healthy eating plan and focusing on the best ways to lose weight, it’s important to know what are healthy food recipes to make at home and what are unhealthy options to try and avoid when eating out.

Take away foods to steer well clear of if you want to lose weight


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Indian dishes appear to be a good choice because they contain healthy ingredients like whole grains from lentils, pulses and legumes. However, depending on how the dish is cooked, and the regional cooking style, many Indian dishes are very high in calories, and are cooked in ghee (clarified butter).

The rice (unless boiled) such as Pulao or Biryani have very high calories because it is fried and contains other fat laden ingredients. If you are trying to control your weight you should avoid Indian takeaway. Some Kormas have as much as 800 calories per serve!

Lamb and Coconut Curry

If you want a healthy curry, then we suggest you try out delicious Lamb and Coconut Curry – this works out at 388 calories per serve.

2. Subway

The Worst Takeaway Foods For Weight Loss & Nutrition

Six inch Subway sandwiches contain around 478 calories and under.

Turkey BurgersHowever, our Healthy Hamburgers only have 280 calories in them.

3. Pizza

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Everyone loves pizza right? But I’m not sure everyone wants to know how bad it is for your weight loss. The main reasons why you shouldn’t choose takeaway pizza if you are on a weight loss program is, they are high in saturated fats which are the bad fats.

Take away pizza is high in sugar which if you’re trying to lose weight, should not be in your diet.

Last but not least take away pizza is high in salt, salt not only creates fluid retention, it is like a leech that sucks and damages all the other nutrients that it encounters. And some pizzas have as much as 300 calories per slice!

5 Ingredient Zucchini Pizza Bites

Our Cauliflower Based Pizza Crust only has 60 calories on the base per serve. Our Zucchini Pizza Bites are only 148 calories per serve.

4. Chinese

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Takeaway Chinese could be a healthy option if you were to order steamed vegetables. But stay away from “Sweet and Sour Pork”. Not only is the pork very high in saturated fat, the salt and sugar content for this dish is extremely high, none of which are a good recipe for weight loss or nutritional health. Some pork stir fry dishes are over 500 calories per serve!

beef stir fry

Our simple and easy Beef Stir Fry is only 200 calories per serve and just as, if not more, yummier!

5. KFC

Kentucky fried chicken is just that, DEEP FRIED. This means that the chicken is high in cholesterol, saturated fats and trans fats. The KFC menu, no matter what you choose, is also very high in sodium. Too much sodium not only retains fluid, it will make you bloated.

A bucket of KFC chicken may offer you a small amount of protein, but the way it is cooked and the seasoning that is added, cancels out any good nutritional value it might have. An Extra Crispy Chicken Breast From KFC is 530 calories!

Mint & Feta Stuffed Chicken

Fancy chicken? Here are 10 chicken recipes you can make in UNDER 30 minutes. Or try our Mint Feta Stuffed Chicken (pictured above).

If you’re trying to follow a healthy eating plan to lose weight then click HERE to find hundreds of HEALTHY recipes that you can make instead of reached for the takeaway menu.

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