4 Teething Tips For Tired Mummies And Cranky Babies

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Some babies crank through teething with a bit of dribbling while others suffer with fevers and are constantly cranky. And while cutting teeth can be a painful time for tots, it’s also no picnic for tired mummies who are dealing with unsettled children who often go off their food and don’t sleep.

4 Teething Tips For Tired Mummies

Your baby might be troubled for a few days before a tooth emerges or they could show signs of teething for months without a tooth to show for it.

It’s hard to watch your baby in pain but take heed in the fact that the first few teeth are usually the worst. Here are some tips and info on teething.

4 Teething Tips For Tired Mummies

1. Keep Their Fluids Up

Many teething tots go off their food because it’s just too painful for them to have things in their mouths, especially hot food.

Don’t worry too much about solids but make sure they are getting enough milk and or water. Keep an eye on their nappies and make sure they’re wet.

If in doubt or your baby stops fluids for a worrying amount of time get in touch with your GP.

2. Teething Gels And Other Homeopathic Remedies

After a week of parenting a baby who is battling with teething you’ll try almost anything to get some sleep and relief.

Teething gels do provide temporary relief but should be used as directed and not overused. Some parents swear by those homeopathic drops and while there’s no scientific evidence to prove it works you never know your luck.

Note: Paramedics from Kid’s First Aid don’t endorse amber teething necklaces because they’ve seen some incidents where babies have suffered injuries or partial strangulation as a result of wearing them.

3. Buy Or Make A Teething Toy

While chewing often causes more discomfort most babies love to suck or bite on cold things as it can relieve the pressure and pain.

Chances are baby will also find something to chew on herself; sometimes it’ll be the side of the cot!

Tip: A frozen washcloth is the cheapest and easiest teether to use until you find one your baby loves. Put several small washers in water and roll them up individually and then freeze.

Good teething toys..

  • Don’t contain BPA, PVC, phthalates, latex or nickel
  • Are made of silicone, preferably medical grade
  • Wood ones either made with maple, birth or beech – these products are made from non-finished wood
  • Organic cotton and ones made from bamboo are safe and easy to source

4. Do What You Have To Do To Get Sleep

A lack of sleep will not only make your life harder but will make baby more irritable. When parents are at their wits’ end they find that giving their baby painkillers helps ease the pain.

Just make sure that there isn’t another reason why baby is so irritable.

Also, make sure your baby is old enough to have medicine, doesn’t have any risk factors and you follow instructions. Overdosing your child doesn’t have any advantages.

Hint: It’s probably best to avoid giving oral pain relief regularly as teething is part of a baby’s life for some time.

Over time you’ll find something that works for baby but lots of cuddles, letting them fall asleep on you and some extra TLC are also some of the best ways to comfort your precious bundle.

If you’re still concerned then contact your GP or midwife for advice.

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