The Healthy Mummy teams up with mPort with an amazing deal!

Have you ever wondered what those funny looking pods are popping up at your local shopping centre? They are mPods, which allow you to take 3D body scans to track your health and weight loss journey. Forget the humble bathroom scales, these new pods are taking weight loss tracking to a whole new level!!!

How does it work?

mPort uses revolutionary 3D mapping technology to create a detailed 360 view of your body in a 3D avatar, providing key measurements such a body-fat ratio, BMI, height and weight and the precise dimensions of your entire body. If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health, this sort of tracking allows you to monitor your progress in a much more detailed way. That in turn, can provide huge motivation as you see your body change and improve,  literally from all angles!

Some of the mums in our community are loving the new technology as a way of tracking their results.

Nic Marnell has lost 60 kilos with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has found mPort is a fantastic tool for checking her progress.


She checks in every 3 months with mPort and has found scales alone don’t always give you the whole picture.

The scales show less than 2kgs but look at the difference in my avatar. My measurements are showing the real progress”

She says, “I’m happy with how my body is transforming. I’m healthier, fitter and stronger. And so much happier not because of the weight loss but because I can do so many more thing now with my kids and for myself. So ladies even if those scales don’t move too much or stall. Take those measurements. Continue on because you are making a difference.

Caren Reynolds has been using Healthy Mummy products and Challenges for five years and has lost over 15kgs. Caren agrees that it’s important not to get hung up on a number. She likes using mPods as the measurements are so much more accurate than doing it yourself and gives you a well rounded view of your progress.

Caren Reynolds

On the scales I have PUT ON 2.2kg since January but my BODYFAT % has DROPPED 2%! My Measurements are all virtually the same besides thighs and butt a bit bigger due to increased muscle mass. I have been training quite hard on the ice so my glutes and quads and grown a bit  – all skaters have nice bubble butts lol”

She says, “I could easily say “screw it, I’ve put on 2.2 kg I’m getting McDonalds I’m sick of trying to lose weight” when in fact I’m actually still losing fat and gaining muscle. So if you are a frequent weigher put the scales away and focus on fit, Healthy and Fabulous!” 

And here’s some really good news! The Healthy Mummy has teamed up with mPort to offer you an amazing deal!


Get a special Annual Subscription to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which includes a yearly subscription to mPort with unlimited 3D Mapping and Body and Health Measurements!!!  Get all the details to this deal here!!

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