The ONE question partners should never ask a new mum

There’s a bunch of questions that we all know not to ask, like ‘Are you pregnant?’ to any women EVER!

But there is ONE question that will get a reaction that may have a new mum throwing nappies and toys in the general direction of anyone asking! Can you guess what it is?

new parents fight

So your partner comes home after a day at work and looks around the home. The dishes aren’t put away, there’s toys all over the floor, washing on the lounge and you’re just sitting there same milk-stained pyjamas.

Well you’re not just sitting there; you’re nursing a possibly happy, calm baby after feeding, burping and cuddling it all day. Which is exactly why it is happy and calm, because you’ve been feeding, burping and cuddling it all day.

This is pretty normal and almost to be expected. But a rookie mistake and the quickest way to suck the air out of that messy room is to ask an exhausted mum this question…

“What have you been doing all day?”

Frustrated father giving the baby to his wife

How bad could these seven simple words strung together really be? I’m glad you asked.

Let’s just say those who ask this question tend to not ask it again. Maybe because they are concerned about their safety. Either way, it’s never going to go down well.

So what question could be asked when the house looks like a bomb hit it and nothing seems to have been achieved?

We asked some mums what questions should partners ask instead, some of them are pure gems!

The best one is…

“How’s your day been darling?”

baby looking at dad

While the answer might not involve ‘found a cure for cancer’  – the person who asks this will get a great result if they show a genuine interest and great listening skills.

Asking this question also shows you care. Most of all, it’s so simple and so underrated but such an important one to ask.

Other ways partners can win brownie points

  • Give a new mum a kiss
  • Make a HOT cuppa
  • Offer to take the baby
  • Give mum time out to enjoy a shower
  • Buy dinner tomorrow night

Any or all of the above are total winner moves. Mums, it might be worth sharing this with your partners.

For those partners of an exhausted mother, share these simple tips with your mates. You won’t regret it and they’ll probably thank you. Seriously, we all will.

Here is a great post about why new mums never get anything done. For a laugh here are 10 things new mums think but don’t say.

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written by:

Alisa Nyquist

Alisa is a writer from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who swapped a career in TV producing for hanging with her two (soon-to-be three) children. When she’s not chasing kids - there may be a bargain worth blogging about. She’s Healthy Mummy’s resident expert in savvy savings.