Rare Glimpse Inside The Womb With Twin Born In Amniotic Sac

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This birth is one of the most jaw-dropping moments you’re likely to see. While a twin birth is always spectacular, this one came with a twist – the first baby to come into the world did so in her amniotic sac, and watching her opening her eyes and moving while straddling two different worlds is incredible.

baby born en caul

We’ve previously featured babies being born within their amniotic sac, or en caul, and these rare births never cease to amaze us.

A Moment Of Joy After Infertility

Spanish fertility clinic CENFER Centro de Fertilidad Clínica Lugo shared this amazing video with The Healthy Mummy, telling us that the 40-year-old mother had battled years of infertility before becoming pregnant with twins through IVF.

A clinic spokesperson said the mum knew she was having twin girls, naming them Miranda and Mikaellah when she was halfway through her pregnancy. And it was Mikaellah who would make a grand entrance into the world.

“Mikaellah would leave her mother’s body with the amniotic sac intact,” the clinic explains.

“The amniotic sac, commonly called the bag of waters, contain the amniotic fluid, and allows the foetal movements, offers protection against eventual blows, as it floats in the liquid, and allows the waste substances to enter the maternal circulation for excretion.

“The baby constantly circulates the amniotic fluid by swallowing it and inhaling it and replacing it through ‘exhalation’ and urination, filling and emptying the lungs, like air.”

The surgical team gently helps Mikaellah into the world, and incredibly she can be seen continuing to function inside the sac.

“Mikaellah had the opportunity to know the outside world still inside in the amniotic sac and linked to her mother by the umbilical cord, that means that; she listened, moved, touched, felt, inhaled, exhaled, opened his eyes, looked intensities of light, without need to breathe oxygen for herself.”

En Caul births

While we are seeing more and more en caul births shared on social media, they still remain rare, only occurring in one in 80,000 births. Most of these types of birth occur with premature babies.

Make sure you take a look at another amazing birth shared with us by this clinic – the baby born via ‘humanised c-section’.

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