Vagina Necklaces Are A Thing Now. No, Really.

First there was umbilical cord art, then people starting eating placentas. Now you can give your fashion game feminist flare by wearing a vagina around your neck.

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An Australian artist has taken social media by storm by creating vagina jewellery (complete with clitoris crystal) which feature the female anatomy in all its glory.

Empowering women with glittering genitalia

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Emily Mystical’s Instagram feed is heaving with all manner of rainbow, bejewelled and glittering genitalia – her Etsy store is currently closed after the jewellery maker was inundated by customers.

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Her vagEYEna pendants feature the ‘all seeing eye’ (and you thought mums only had eyes on the backs of their heads). It’s this style that kicked off Emily’s vagina creations last year, although the artist admits her family wasn’t completely supportive.

“So my daughter was a bit down on me for making this (you’re a freak mum). I felt like maybe I shouldn’t post it but for one ART and for another yonis are great also for all girls including my daughter this is not weird,” Emily writes.

Vagina-inspired necklaces being snapped up

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Emily explains that she’s working on a shop update and new styles, and will be posting her creations soon – and it seems there are plenty of customers waiting in anticipation.

So what do you think ladies, will you be rocking your lady parts as jewellery?

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Anita Butterworth

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