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Valerie’s Weight Loss Story

Hi Healthy Mummy

I gained nearly 25kg during my pregnancy and I ended up at 83.6kg on the day of my son’s birth.

Before having my baby I knew I wanted to get back into shape and get fit again and the picture on the left is me at 69.5kg and today (pic on the right) I weigh 61.7kg.

valerie weight loss results

I exercised all the way through my pregnancy up to the last week. And told myself that while the numbers on the scale continued to escalate at an alarming rate I would assess the situation after giving birth. I knew that initially I would be strapped for time so I wanted to get a protein shake for breakfast.

As I had intended on breastfeeding I wanted something that would be safe for my baby too. I came across Heathy Mummy Smoothies in a magazine and thought brilliant!

A shake that was safe for breastfeeding mums! I’ve had a brilliant supply. Losing weight slowly (I’m trying to concentrate more on getting fit and healthy rather than the scales) so while the number on the scale may not be dropping quickly I’m slowly getting back into some of my old clothes and love it! 3 kg until my prebaby weight!

Still a work in progress!

Valerie Yeow


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