Viral Video Shows Newborn Cuddles Really DO Soothe Tears

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The moment she wakes up, she’s grumpy. There is only one thing that can soothe her grumpy tears; her newborn sister and her sweet, sweet cuddles.

It’s Going To Be A Long Day

Mummy blogger, Esther Anderson, is comforting her newborn baby. She’s had a rough night and instantly knows she’s going to have a rough day. Her eldest daughter wakes up mega grumpy, “It’s going to be a long day. It’s already been a long night,” tired Esther says.

The Story Of Our Life blogger gives her daughter a comforting stroke of the hair, saying “did you wake up grumpy?” With a nod of the head, she plonks herself next to her baby sister.

Sisterly Love

In an instant, her tears are swept away, her sadness is gone and her day is better. Nothing is better than a newborns cuddles. Unless it’s newborn cuddles from your sister. As Ellia strokes her sisters face, you can see the instant love and connection they have for one another. A sisters bond is something that cannot be broken.

Ellia’s tears turn to a smile and her day is better in a second. As Tessa sucks her dummy, she nuzzles her baby face into her big sisters and the two have a beautiful moment of sisterly love.


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