Do you have a happy vagina? Seriously!

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Let’s face it, we don’t talk about the vagina all that much but having a happy vagina leads to a happy you, (or so they say!) So, have you checked in with your vajayjay lately?


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A new animation posted on Vimeo calledΒ How To Have A Happy Vagina is causing quite the stir online. The animated short film created by registered nurses and student midwives Margaret Ladner and Aimee Clark gives a brief run down of how to keep vaginas happy.

How to Have a Happy Vagina from Margaret Ladner on Vimeo.

So how do I keep my vagina happy?

how to have a happy vagina

Ummm… take it shopping? Out to dinner? The movies? I mean, it’s a girl, right?

Well, you can do all those things but here’s the other stuff they say you need to do to keep your vajayjay in a good mood.

Firstly, don’t douche, steam, scrub or put soap inside your vagina ladies- they are self-cleaning. Just wipe properly from front to back, wear cotton undies and take a shower and you’ll be right. Oh and skip those scented panty liners too. Your vajayjay hates them, she just doesn’t know how to break it to you.

Are you wondering what you can put in your vajayjay that won’t annoy her? I know I am… Well, you can use a tampon (but change it every few hours- toxic shock is real ladies!) and you can use a menstrual cup, which needs changing at least every 12 hours.

Contraception is fine (and recommended if you don’t want any more kids) but did you also know that if you are using a sex toy it should have a fresh condom on it every time? And, I shouldn’t have to say this, but… if you’re passing it from… ahem… hole to hole… you need a fresh condom every time. Got it? Let’s not need to talk about that again.

What makes my vagina sad?

vagina period

Right ladies, you’ve all owned vajayjays for quite a while and should probably have the hang of them by now, but here is a list of things that CAN’T go in there.

Read up and remember; no food. None! No interestingly shaped vegetables, no chocolate, no whipped cream, nada. Also, no random things in your medical cabinet you think might help an itch or something.

No Vaseline, no oils or lotions or anything unless they have been specifically prescribed for down there by your doctor or pharmacist. You can’t Dr Google for your vagina. Just so you know.

Oh, and I can’t believe I have to say this but no household items doubling as sex toys, please. That is going to get mighty awkward for you and the doctor when you rock up at ER with an awkwardly placed deodorant can. Just sayin’.

To wrap up make sure you get your pap smears regularly, and see a doctor if you have any burning, itching, pain, unusual bleeding or ‘funky discharge’ (their words, not mine, I swear!).

So, peeps, that’s about it- remember… happy vagina, happy you.

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