What Is In Your Fridge?

What is in a Nutritionist’s fridge? I have seen a few posts recently on the internet of nutritionist’s and other health people’s fridge. I am always drawn to what is in there. Check out what's in mine.
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What is in a Nutritionist’s fridge?

I have seen a few posts recently on the internet of nutritionist’s and other health people’s fridge. I am always drawn to what is in there. Like I have secretly entered their home to peek inside there lives.

The thing about a pantry or a fridge, is that it can really let you in on the state of a person’s healthy eating plan, or lack there of.

When you capture this information by chance, without setting it up, you can tell what the potential state of their health is.

I promise you this has not been fudged at all. And in fact this is an exercise for yourself. What is in your fridge? Would you be embarrassed if someone opened it and saw what you were really eating?

So here it is, in all its glory, our fridge for 2 little girls, my husband and myself.

What is in a Nutritionist’s fridge 

I have circled some of the items for discussion and going from top to bottom and then my door.

  1. Yoghurt – we have 3 tubs of wholemilk Jalna yoghurt. I love yoghurt as a snack for myself and the girls. Low in sugar, a great source of calcium and protein.
  2. Thai green curry paste – curries feature in our family, even with the girls. People often question how do the girls handle the flavour and my answer is always, “What do children eat in Thailand or India?” Your kids can handle different flavours if you try.
  3. Leftovers – I generally plan 5 dinner meals a week and the other two are leftovers. Here is some chilli con carne leftovers and some lentils.
  4. Whole corn and zucchini – there is not enough room in our veggie crisper. Love whole corn and the girls love to munch on it with a little butter.
  5. Sliced cheese – this is full fat variety for the girls as a snack. I do not eat that much cheese to be honest. I get my dairy and calcium from milk and yoghurt.
  6. Watermelon, red capsicum, cucumber and sweet potato – again, not much room in the veggie crisper. I tend to keep my sweet potatoes in the fridge as it is quite humid where I am, they start to grow. This sweet potato is for a salmon and sweet potato frittata.
  7. 2 slices of rump steak – I am going to use this for a beef thai green curry with some rice noodles this week. I do like red meat but have to remind myself to put it into our menu. Red meat is incredibly important for women, especially when you are menstruating.
  8. Veggie crisper – this is full to the brim with rhubarb, spring onions, green beans, more zucchini, broccoli, broccolini, asparagus, kale and carrots. Oh and some white grapes. Each night I aim for our plates to be half full with veggies.
  9. Eggs – these are my saviours when there is no healthy food in the fridge. A boiled egg on toast or an omelette with some spinach can be a quick 5 minute dinner after work if the girls are screaming hungry.
  10. Light cream and anchovies – I love this combination with broccoli as a pasta sauce. Just a tinge of cream to make the sauce. Delicious.
  11. Milk and water – Besides the sneaky beers at the top of the fridge, this is generally all we drink. This is ONLY what my girls drink, besides breast milk.
  12. Tahini – for some homemade hommus.
  13. Tomato sauce and mustard – I hate these two things but my husband loves it. I make sure we buy the reduced salt and sugar varieties and don’t let him eat it in front of the girls otherwise they just eat tomato sauce for dinner.

So go on, look in your fridge. What is in it? Post a photo on our Facebook page if you like.

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