Woman Falls Pregnant While Already Pregnant After Having Sex Only Once

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If you’re struggling to understand the title, you’re not alone. A Brisbane woman has fallen pregnant and conceived two babies, 10 days apart, after only having sex just once.

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Kate Hill and her husband were struggling to fall pregnant. Kate has polycystic ovarian syndrome; a hormonal condition that left her unable to ovulate. She underwent hormone treatment and fell pregnant, not once, but twice.

How did this happen?


Superfetation is a rare medical condition where a baby is conceived while a woman is already pregnant. A medical phenomenon so extremely rare, there only 10 recorded cases in the world.

Kate ovulated and conceived, then due to the hormone treatment, her body spontaneously released another egg, resulting in a second conception.

What makes their case extremely fascinating and rare is the fact they only had sex once! Meaning the sperm stayed alive for 10 days to fertilise the second egg Are you keeping up?

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Meet Charlotte And Olivia

The miracle conception started off as twins, then 10 days later turning into triplets. Sadly though, the couple lost one of the twins early on in the pregnancy.

They were given two due dates; December 20 and December 30. The girls, Charlotte and Olivia were born two days prior to their scheduled c-section.

When born, the girls measured very differently in gestational development, size and weight. Now 10-months-old, and cute as a buttons, the girls actually have different blood types.

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Dr Brad Armstrong from Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane said he had NEVER met a set of superfetation twins. He couldn’t even find any literature on it so he had to use Doctor Google.

Check out their video from photographer, Selena Rollason, below.

Congratulations to the happy family. What a beautiful medical miracle.

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