Melbourne clinic reveals women can now freeze their eggs for just $5 a day

An Australian clinic is attempting to target young and single women by introducing a ‘pay as you go’ egg freezing system which works out at around $5 a day.

XY. Life clinic, which is a fertility franchise based in Melbourne claims it will “transform” fertility management for millennial women.

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Women can now freeze their eggs for just $5 a day

Coined ‘social egg freezing’, the practice encourages women to freeze their own eggs without having to pay a big lump sum.

Company founder, Dr. Wei Siang Yu, who is also known as ‘Dr Love’, says: “Social egg freezing is expected to become a global trend that will be popular for single women, young couples and those in the LGBT community, with Australian laws allowing donor sperm to fertilise eggs of single women.” 

The cost of medication and treatment for one cycle of IVF in Australia is roughly around $10,000-12,000 and storing eggs can cost around $800 per year.


What’s more, freezing your eggs could save you thousands of dollars in fertility treatment later on.

Dr. Yu told 3AW that the company is expecting about 50 per cent of clients to be from overseas, particularly from Asian countries which don’t allow women to freeze their eggs.

“We’re talking about a new group of fertility consumers that are the Millennials and they will be in the 20-30-years-old (group) looking at different options to preserve their fertility,” he revealed.

The clinic is expected to open next year.

10 fascinating facts to know about IVF

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