The X Factor: 24 Cute Baby Names That Contain The Letter ‘X’ In Them

Want your baby to have a name with the X factor in it, a.k.a contain the letter X?

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Monikers that contain Xs usually sound exotic and unique. In fact, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have gone down this route for their sons, as Maddox, Pax and Knox all end in X.

Girl Baby Names With The Letter X


Meaning: Is a female form of Alexander and means ‘to defend’.

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Meaning: Borrowed from the term that denotes the southern states of the U.S., Dixie was popularised as a given name in the 19th century by an 1859 minstrel song by D.D. Emmett, which became a Confederate war song, states Baby Name Wizard.


Meaning: This name is a contemporary blend of Jack and Maxine. Jack means ‘God is gracious’, Maxine means ‘greatest’. So Jaxine means: ‘God is gracious and the greatest’.


Meaning: This moniker is a variant of Alexandra and means ‘defender of mankind’.

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Meaning: ‘Greatest’.


Meaning: ‘Aggressive energy, know-how’.


Meaning: This is a Russian name and means ‘praise be to God’.

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Meaning: ‘Fairy’.


Meaning: ‘Dawn or bright’.


Meaning: ‘Golden One’.


Meaning: ‘Welcoming, hospitable’.

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Boy Baby Names With The Letter X


Meaning: This name is Danish and means ‘father of peace’.


Meaning: This name has derived from an area in New York.


Meaning: And old English place name meaning ‘Bracca or Brock’s town’.

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Meaning: A town in southwestern France dating from before the Roman occupation.


Meaning: ‘Right-handed, fortunate, skilled’.


Meaning: ‘Dick’s son’.


Meaning: ‘Lucky’ or ‘lucky one’.

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Meaning: Hendrix is a surname stemming from Henry. It means ‘ruler or power’.


Meaning: ‘God has been gracious’.


Meaning: ‘Defender of man’.


Meaning:  A Scottish name that means ‘Magnus’ spring’ or ‘Mac’s well’.

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Meaning: ‘To defend’.


Meaning: ‘Bright’ or ‘splendid’.

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